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This is an email I sent to the Programs Director about my issues with accessing the studio;

I know I am starting to be a pain in the butt. But I can not access the main studio. I can access the newsroom, however. The problem is that when I tried my cougar card on Monday, the card scanned me into the studio and now it wont scan me in. I don’t know what to do.

So we wait another week as I try to figure why I do not have access to the main studio at KUGR



The State of Washington gets Shown the Door

We will take a look at the epic fail that was Cougar and Husky football after the jump.

The Final Score from Lincoln, Nebraska
UW 38
UN  51
The Final Score from San Diego, California
WSU 24
Both the Huskies and the Cougars went into these games thinking they could win. Both of these teams left these games with a black eye and bruised ego. Both of these teams wilted played hard, heck the Cougars HAD THE LEAD going into the fourth quarter, and played close for most of the game. Both of these teams wilted under when their opponents applied the pressure (Ronnie Hillman’s FOUR TDs for the Aztecs and Taylor Martinez’s three total TDs for the Cornhuskers). Ouch.
WSU Cougars versus SDSU Aztecs
This is a game that many Cougar faithful thought they should win. This belief seemed to be confirmed by the Defense stuffing Ronnie Hillman on the Aztec’s first possession, which was followed by an 80 yard TD pass from Marshal “Rock Lobster” Lobbestael to Marquess “Freshmen All-American” Wilson. San Diego State responded with a two minute drive, capped by a 13-yard TD run by Ronnie Hillman. The Cougs promptly responded with a 48-yard field goal by Andrew Furney. Again the Aztecs responded with a Ronnie Hillman TD, ending the first Quarter. At this point Valhalla Bar & Grill was very uneasy, many of the Cougar faithful crowded in there were wondering (me included); “Are these guys the Cougars of the last three years? Or are they a new brand of Coug, a brand who will respond with a TD?”
Isiah Barton, Isiah Barton would catch a 23-yard TD pass from Marshal Lobbestael for the only score of the second quarter. The Score at the half was WSU 17-SDSU 14.
After the half the Cougs responded with a 78- yard TD pass to Marquess Wilson, actually Lobbestael threw the ball 20 (or so) yards and Wilson took it to the house. The defesne stopped the Aztec offense on their next possession. The Coaching Staff thought it would be a good time to go for the kill and block the punt; a dive and a roll later, San Diego State had a first down. They took advantage of the roughing the kicker penalty and scored on a 25-yard TD pass from sneaky-good quarterback Ryan Lindley to his Tight End, Gavin Escobar.  At this point, to me anyways, it looked like the defense decided we need to get the ball BACK into the hands of our offense NOW, they started going for the strip and not the tackle. From that point onward San Diego State simply dominated the Cougs. Hillman would end up running for four touchdowns and 191 yards. 
Despite throwing 368 yards and 3 TDs, Marshal Lobbestael reminded everybody why he was replaced as the starter. He tries to do too much and ends up causing more harm than good. There was a point in the second quarter where the pocket collapsed and Lobbestael moved out of it, good. Instead of throwing the ball away he took off, uhhhh; and then got tackled and promptly fumbled the football (although I still think his knee was down). Thankfully, the defense picked Lindley on the ensuing drive. And then you can’t forget his epic, pump fake fumble. Oh and his first interception, when he stared down Marquess Wilson on the streak*. At that point I got angry and stormed out of Valhalla’s Bar & Grill. I missed another Lobster pick and San Diego State TD.

If you would like to see the scoring and stat recap, look here.

The bottom line is this game stung. It hurt like no other. We could have won. We could have been 3-0, but we didn’t. This team had swag at the beginning of the game, by the third quarter they all looked lost. How will the Cougs respond? We find out in two weeks as they march into Boulder, Colorado against the Buffs (deep breath, deep breath).
*Staring down your WR is a no-no. But so is relying on a play (the streak to Wilson) too many times. Especially when it appeared  that your running game was working, Galvin was averaging 4.9 yards per-carry and Winston averaged 4.25 YPC.  The first interception was the third time I positively-identified a streak pass to Marquess Wilson. The first was the 80-yard TD pass and the second was a ball the Lobo put too much air under, midway into the second quarter. I have four or five more plays that I believe to be streak passes to Wilson that were incomplete passes. The defense had to suspect that the streak would be coming soon, and the defender had to be sitting on the route. I can only imagine the look on the defender’s face when he saw Lobo staring down Wilson.

UW Huskies vs UN Cornhusker
I only saw the first quarter or so of the game. Then I went to Valhallas to watch the Cougs. And I was unable to receive a written recap from some one who did watch the Husky game. So if you would like to read a recap I suggest you take a look at this excellent AP article.

Boise State and NCAA Penalties

Boise State may have found their way into a deep hole.

Boise State has arguably been one of the best football programs in the new century. The Broncos have overcome a massive hurdle, not being a member of an auto-qualifier[1] conference yet, having impressive victories in BCS Bowls, the 2010 Fiesta Bowl victory over TCU and the 2007 Fiesta Bowl victory the University of Oklahoma Sooners. Their football team’s total and utter domination of the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) bored them to the point that they decided to move on to the Mountain West Conference (MWC) another non-AQ conference.
In 2009 Boise State self-reported several major infractions by their non-revenue sports, and a few minor infractions by their football team. The NCAA Infractions committee proceeded to investigate these reports. On September 13th, 2011 the NCAA released their final report and the disciplinary action they were going to take. Read after the jump to see what I believe it will have on the future of Boise State football.

“We could talk for days, I’ve got so many thoughts and opinions on this deal. But I’ve kind of learned that it’s probably best that I say that we were surprised by it, but we’ll do what we have to do. The one thing I appreciate about this program and our kids is whatever we have thrown our way, we’ll adjust and adapt and we’ll keep rolling.”-Boise State Head Coach Chris Peterson
From the above quote it appears Coach Peterson was thinking that the Bronco’s compliance, and self-imposed penalties, would prevent the NCAA from hitting them with penalties of their own. Clearly he was wrong, and doesn’t understand how that the NCAA works. All Coach Peterson needs to know is that the NCAA will sanction (and put on probation) anyone who is not a cash cow (see Auburn and Cam Newton). 
The penalties imposed by the NCAA are harsh, considering the fact that Boise had not only self-reported the violations, but had also begun to implement their own disciplinary actions against those sports (and/or people) involved. Boise’s football program loses nine scholarships over the next three years, their woman’s tennis team faces a one year post-season ban and the rest of Boise State’s Athletic Department (AD) faces severe restrictions on scholarships and recruiting for the next three years. Obviously these sanctions are nothing like the shit storm that hit USC in 2009. However, unlike USC, this could have a much more damaging effect on the future Bronco’s football.

This past summer Boise State completed the move from the WAC to the MWC, and in doing so a major upgrade in their strength of schedule rating. The increase in the strength of schedule means that the chances of the Broncos ACTUALLY losing games went up. One of the questions floating around the program was, if the loses started to pile up would the Bronco’s still be able to draw in the recruits necessary to sustain their success? Especially since they now are stuck to the MWC current TV deal and won’t get ESPN’s exposure? The answer was probably a, yes.
However, with these sanctions I am not so sure. Sure the Broncos are getting their stadium and athletic facilities majorly upgraded. Sure they still have a winning tradition and a stable coaching core. Sure those all stayed the same. Now though not only does Boise State have less television exposure they also will be losing scholarships (Three scholarships a year for three years) and our now on the NCAA’s Infractions Committee’s radar. The Blue and orange may have a reason to be concerned. After all Boise is no Los Angles, and will never be able to top-tier talent like USC can. So the question I ask you is; is BSU going to be able to overcome these sanction imposed by the NCAA and their lack of national TV coverage?
In all honesty I believe they can. I really don’t think it will be such a big deal. But it sure is fun to speculate about the fate of programs, isn’t it?

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[1] Auto Qualifier athletic conferences are  conferences that are guaranteed a Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Bowl Game appearance

Previewing the First Show

The first show is on September 17th from 8:00 am to 10:00 am PST on this site.What are am I going to talk about on the show? Read after the jump find out:
1) It’s game three of the Husky-Husker battle and is the rubber match in the series. The teams have played nine times previously, accumulating a 4-4-1 record. We will take a look at what our friends on UW Dawg Pound have to say. After some in-depth analysis on my part I will make a prediction of the winner AND the final score. 
2) Ryan Katz is out and Sean Manion is in.What affect does this have on the Oregon State Beavers and their game versus UCLA? What does Building the Dam have to say about OSU “sudden” struggles? Why did I quote sudden?
3) Oregon blew up Nevada last week. Can they continue to poor on the TD’s versus Missouri State? Or will the Ducks look past a former Directional school? What does Addicted to Quack think? More importantly what do I think the final score will be?
4) Is it time to panic in So. Cal? Is Lane Kiffin’s seat suddenly very warm, despite a 2-0 start? How does Conquest Chronicles view USC’s upcoming game versus Syracuse? Who do I think will win the game?
5) After a heart breaking loss to Cal, how does Colorado respond against rival Colorado State? What is on the minds of the authors and readers at The Ralphie Report? Can Colorado get over the hump and get their first win under new head coach (and alum) John Embree? Who is do I predict the winner to be?
6) Callers can call in and predict the outcome of their favorite Pac 12 team’s game this upcoming Saturday. 
7) And finally the Cougs. Can they make a statement down at “The Q”? What does CougCenter think of the “Sterk Bowl”? How will “Robostael” stack up versus the Aztec defense? Most importantly can the Cougs come out with a win? My final prediction of the day, will also be my longest explanation of the day. Find out why on Saturday September 17th, starting at 8:00 am and going until 10:00 am on KUGR College Radio.

A few interesting points from Pac-12 games this past Saturday (9-10-11)

A couple of interesting facts from yesterdays Pac-12 games:

Stanford won the battle of the nerds, defeating Duke 44-14. It is believed that Andrew Luck threw a pick-6, more information to follow.

Washington State scored 205 points in 2010. In the first two games of 2011 the Cougs have scored 123 points. The last time WSU scored 120+ points in the first two games was in 1907, against Eastern Washington and Blair Business School.

With their victory over Hawaii yesterday, the Huskies evened their series with the Rainbow Warriors at 2 wins apiece.

Colorado and California played a great non-conference, conference game. Cal came out on top 36-33.

Oregon looked like Oregon in their undressing of the Nevada Wolfpack. One wonders why they don’t do that in big non-conference games…

Oregon State is NOT the first Pac-10(12) team to go into Camp Randall and give up 35 points. WSU did it in 2007, although I don’t seem to remember them getting shut out…..
With time winding down in the fourth quarter, Utah lined up to kick the game tying field goal and missed. Only to find out later that the field goal wouldn’t have made a difference, USC 23 Utah 14

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