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This is the official blog for Sports With Neil radio show on KUGR College Radio. You can go here for recaps of what was talked about on the show, a preview of the upcoming show and any sports related subject that did not make it on the show. The first show is Saturday September 17th 24th and goes from 8:00 am to 10:00 am, than every Saturday after that.
 A couple of ground rules for the commenting:
1)      1) Avoid religious and political debates , PERIOD
2)      2) Use MULTIPLE links and stats for your arguments. In other words don’t use just the number of wins as the reason a Coach should be fired
3)      3) Have fun, arguments and disagreements are all good and well but have some RESPECT for your fellow commenters and the authors.



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Proud alum of Washington State University, crazy sports nut, and drinker of beer.

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