"Who dey" wins the day

I’ll take that to the barn

That was exhilarating. I finally get my lazy butt out of bed at about 12:30ish and turned my TV on. What I saw defies logic and what I expected from this Seahawk team. This team, which I thought had a REAL good chance in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, totally and utterly caught me off guard with their comeback win against the New York football Giants. It was insane, improbably and awesome to watch (especially considering the fact that Browner’s pick-6 was before my first cup of coffee on the day).  I don’t think I can put into words the shock and pure joys as I watched this guy-I-have-never-heard-of take the interception to the house (I am trying for a cliché record in this article, bear with me).  Jump time.

The Giants owned the Hawks in Seattle last year. It was an ugly, humiliating 41-7 defeat. Heck the Hawks haven’t won in New York since 1983. And with a team that was sputtering along and sitting at 1-3 who would have thunk that the Hawks would have broken that streak last Sunday? Not I, or many of the experts who watch the NFL. The Hawks, however, had faith they believed they could beat the men in blue. “”A lot of teams have talent. And we feel like on paper we can play with the best of them. It was all about swag and confidence. And a team has to see itself make plays to understand that. A young team, a young offensive line, you have to see yourself makes plays. And I think each week our confidence is growing, and the coaches do a great job of managing everything.”-Michael Robinson (via USA Today). 
The Seahawks backed that confidence up with a shocking upset. An upset where they saw their starting QB go down with a strained pectoral muscle and the backup come in and do a decent job (THIS BLOG POST WILL NOT TURN INTO A JACKSON vs WHITEHURST DEBATE!!).  It was a sloppy turnover fest (eight total turnovers) at Metlife Stadium in the Meadowlands, two Seahawk fumbles in the redzone really hurt. However, the suddenly good Seahawk defense contained Bradshaw to 58 rushing yards on 17 carries. Wait, the Seahawks actually stopped a running game?!?!?!? Did I forget to say SAFTEY!! Seriously the d-line man blew up the Giants offensive line and got to the running back in one hell of a hurry forcing the safety.
Beast Mode!!
Even better then stopping the run? Running the rock and pounding it down the defenses throat. Marshawn Lynch came within two yards of reaching the hundred yard mark. He rumbled to 67 yards on five carries IN THE FIRST HALF! Boom Beast Mode. Stupid Victor Cruz would catch a TD forcing a tie going into the half. Well that and Travaris Jackson’s INT.  
The second half turned into a shoot-out as the Seahawks found themselves without their starting QB. Incomes clipboard Jesus, and he struggled at first before settling down. He found undrafted-rookie free agent Doug Baldwin streaking down field for the lead-grabbing TD. The score was 29-25 Seahawks with 3 minutes and a pretty competent QB in Eli Manning (somehow he has maintained a QB rating of 100.1 WITHOUT a running game) running the Giants offense.
Initially it looked like Eli was going to pull a Payton and lead the Giants to a game winning TD drive. The Giants were sitting on the five-yard line, when his left-tackle jumped causing a five-yard false start penalty. And then the moment that will forever line in the memory of Seahawk fans, the longest pick-6 in franchise history. “The ball just happened to be floating in the air. It was almost like slow motion.”-Brandon Browner (via The Seattle Times). And the ball game.
Who is fired-up and has two thumbs? ^THIS GUY^

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