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Iowa State makes the Case for A BCS Playoff

A well deserved field storming
An emotional day for Oklahoma State ends in an upset on the gridiron. As a result, chaos is on the BCS horizon. You have LSU, who is the clear #1, and then Alabama, Oregon, and Oklahoma State all at one loss. Two of the teams (Oregon and Alabama) have lost to LSU, and (thanks to the Cowboys loss) still have a chance at the National Championship Game. Oklahoma St. appears to be out of the NCG picture. And, heaven forbid, if LSU was to lose at some point during the season? You leave the undefeated Huston Cougars as the only team without a loss in the FBS. In other words, the BCS’s worst nightmare. 

 The BCS is one of the most mocked organizations on the face of the earth. When CONGRESS is threatening to investigate you, you know thingsare bad. Hawaii, Boise State and TCU have all had undefeated regular seasons in the past few years. All of these teams have been robbed of a shot of the Crystal Ball Trophy. Hawaii was thrown up against Georgia in the Sugar Bowl following their undefeated regular season, they got crushed 41-10. Boise State has had two undefeated seasons, and got jobbed each time. Both times they got pushed into the Fiesta Bowl, the first time they upset the Oklahoma Sooners in 2007. In 2010, they faced (also) undefeated TCU, Boise State won that game as well. 
Outside of the 2009 regular season, and the 2010 Bowl Season, there have been Automatic Qualifier conference (conferences that are GUARENTEED a BCS Bowl bid) that have been snubbed when it comes to the national title game. The time is here, the time is now. Division 1a football needs a playoff, even if it’s just the top eight teams in the country. The problem, if you understand how the BCS works, in determining the top eight teams in the county is the weight that the computers place on the coach’s poll. 
The Coaches of college football have an incredible amount of sway over who competes for the BCS National Championship, and no I am not talking about how their teams compete on the field. In the preseason, the coaches fill out a poll. The Preseason poll (and the coach’s polls throughout the season) carries a lot of weight in the computers that help determine the BCS rankings. In the end all be all of college football, helps determine who plays in the NCG. Coaches are human and they have their biases. SEC coaches are more likely to vote for SEC teams than a MAC coach is. While a Pac-12 coach is more likely to vote for a Pac-12 team.
Want to fix the BCS? Take the coach’s poll out of the equation, and add a top eight playoff. You can still keep the bowls for those who don’t make it into the playoffs. The bowls and conferences can retain traditional tie-ins, and you determine a true national champion. That is what the BCS should be about. The BCS should not be stroking the SEC’s ego. 

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