Count Down to Opening Day

#4) Fantasy Baseball and Spilled Beer, April 2nd, 2007

The 2007 season was a rather exciting for me. I was entering my inaugural fantasy baseball season and I had drafted six Mariners for my roster and I was rearing to go. The Mariners looked to be a better squad this season as their pitching looked to rebound after a disappointing 2006 season. As the days ticked away until April 2nd, 2007, I barely managed to stay focused on everything else going on in the world.

My family and I arrived at Safeco Field a few hours before the game started; we wandered over to the ballpark and claimed our seats. We were sitting on the 100 level just to the left of the left field foul pole. For some reason (I still can’t figure out how or why) the guy sitting behind me and I started talking about fantasy baseball. As the game moved on, so did our discussion about our fantasy baseball rosters. He thought it was awesome that I drafted so many M’s for my fantasy baseball team. 
Going into the middle innings the game was tied 0-0, and was shaping up to be a good one. That is until Athletic Short Stop Bobby Crosby booted the ball and allowed for the Mariners to put two men on. Richie Sexson (one of the six Mariners on my roster) came to the plate, and absolutely crushed the ball to deep right center field. Later in the inning, Crosby made another error allowing another runner to score. Felix Hernandez would go eight strong innings (with 12 Ks) to get the victory. Fan favorite closer J.J Putz would get the save.
You are probably thinking; he talked about the fantasy baseball, what does spilled beer have to do with this story? Or you may not be wondering about the spilled beer and stopped reading this story. The guy who was sitting behind me may or may not have been a little drunk by the sixth inning. And I may or may not have told him about the fact that Richie Sexson was on my fantasy baseball squad. And he may or may not have spilled his entire beer on me when celebrating Richie Sexson’s home run. All and all, a good day at the ballpark.

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