Month: June 2012


The BCS is Dead, Now We Have a "Final Four" Of Sorts

When this blog first started I wrote a piece about Iowa State’s upset of Oklahoma State that made the need for a playoff bracket at the highest level of college football ridiculously clear. To many fans of teams from the Football Bowl Subdivision the need for a playoff had been clear for many years as ...


Taking A Look At the Times’ Editorial Board’s Bad Publically Financed Arena Examples

An Editorial Board is supposed to sit down and review all of the facts regarding a situation. An Editorial Board is supposed to present both sides evenly before putting out its opinion. Blogs and editorials published by one person are not held to the same standard (although they should be). So when I read a ...


The Key Arena, A Failed Attempt at Rebuilding And Its Future

By 1973 Yankee Stadium was literally falling apart. When people would stomp on the seating bowl concrete bits and pieces would rain down on those beneath it. It was time for the 50 year old building to be gutted and rebuilt. The rebuilt Yankee Stadium opened in time for the 1975 season and lived until ...


Weekend Review

Last weekend, virtually everyone was in uproar over the controversial and questionable decision that was awarded to Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley (29-0 12 KO) over Filipino superstar Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao (54-4-2 38 KO). But before we discuss that, let’s not forgot that there were indeed other fights that took place last weekend. In the super ...


I Was There! The Mariners Throw the 10th Combined No-Hitter in MLB History.

Sorry for the blurriness. I was really excited. I’ve watched my share no hitters on the TV before. I decided to watch Randy pitch against the Braves in 2004 because the Mariners weren’t on and I like watching baseball and Randy pitching; he threw a perfect game and I watched it in its entirety.  During ...


Now that the Thunder are Playing for the Championship it is Time for Some Venting (and Hopefully Closure)

Tonight Sonics’ fans faced their worst fear. That worst fear being the OKC Thunder clinching the Western Conference Championship. And that, quite honestly, sucks. Especially since Seattle got a teaser year on what Kevin Durant is capable of and OKC will get to see Kevin Durant in his prime. A lot of Seattleites are probably ...

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