Winning Streaks and Positive Run Differentials

So raise your hands if you saw the Mariners trading Ichiro before the Trading Deadline. Okay now keep your hands raised if you saw the Mariners going 8-2 after the Ichiro trade (those games being against the Yankees, Royals and Blue Jays). Ah, a few hands dropped there; for those of you who still have your hands up keep them raised if you saw the M’s reeling off seven wins in a row. Hmmmm, still have your hand raised? Keep it up if you thought they would have a positive run differential at the beginning of August.
Ah, there we go, now your hand dropped now. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Eric Thames

On the last day of July the Mariners secured their sixth win in a row, and their second series victory in a row. Tonight they secured their second straight sweep and in doing so brought their win streak to seven games. And all of the sudden they have a positive run differential (meaning they’ve scored more runs than they’ve allowed). 

All of this occurred after one of the more monumental trades the Mariners have made in franchise history, getting rid of their last player from the 116-win 2001 squad. But he’s not the only one who was dealt; Brandon League was dealt for some minor leaguers to the Dodgers and Steve Delabar was dealt to Toronto for Eric Thames (whom hit a home run tonight).  The League trade was foreseeable but the Delabar trade was not. 
Delabar had turned into a respectable reliever up in the big leagues and those aren’t easy to find. But apparently neither is a young bat whom isn’t intimidated by Safeco Field (although it’s getting better as the team begins to play more games there). But that trade makes sense because of the lack of major league ready outfield depth in the minor leagues (Smoak’s demotion to Tacoma forced Carp to move back to first base). I mean, other than his outstanding power, Carlos Peguero doesn’t bring that much to the table in terms of offensive production/potential. 
So far the Thames trade has looked great. A big bat brought into Safeco Field and in his first start as a Mariner AND at Safeco Field he hit a home run. But that doesn’t say much for the trade itself. This is just one of those trades where Mariner fans are going to have to sit back and wait a couple of years for to figure out who got the better end of the deal. Heck, who knows maybe both guys absolutely catch fire and end up in an All-Star Game or two. Then you would have two winners. 
Two winner can only happen in the dealings of the front office. When it comes to the product and competition on the field there can only be one winner. And for the last seven games that has been the Mariners and in doing so they have joined the rest of their AL West brethren. Maybe things are looking up in Seattle, after all they have to have been flirting with an even run differential for the majority of the season. It’s not something that can be fixed in the span of a week; it takes time to recover your run differential.

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