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The Overall Pac-12 Pre-Season Power Rankings

The Conference of Champions
So we’ve taken a look at my Power Rankings for the North and the South Divisions of the Pac-12. Now how does the entire Pac-12 Conference power ranking look? Who (in my opinion) is the best team, in the Pac-12, going into the season? Who is the overall bottom feeder? Have no fear; the overall power rankings are here! We’ll take a look at how my preseason overall Conference power rankings stack up after the jump. 

Pac-12 Conference:
  1. USC Trojans: Unlike the team beneath them in the power rankings USC has their starting QB returning. And that, in my opinion, is a deciding factor; especially when both of the teams are pretty good at running the ball and playing defense (okay…good defense by Pac-12 standards). 
  2. Oregon Ducks: A strong running game plus a good defense, what’s not to like about the Ducks? Despite losing their top RB and QB the Ducks still look like they are in good hands and we should see them and the Trojans play each other twice this season.
  3. Stanford Cardinal: The next four teams all could very easily swap spots in the power rankings. But I like the fact that Stanford has a strong Defense and a star running back. As LSU proved last year, a good defense can stop one of the most potent offensive attacks in the country. 
  4. Utah Utes: A good Defense and a solid running back very well could equal a lot of wins in Utah. Especially when you consider the fact that they play against four of the worst teams in the Conference this season. 
  5. California Golden Bears: Again a strong defense and a good stable of running backs are Cal’s primary strengths. And I believe that Zach Maynard has indeed improved and learned from his mistakes last season. That’s why they are ahead of the next squad in the power rankings.
  6. Washington Huskies: A power runner in Chris Polk is gone and now the running game goes threw a back, in Bishop Sankey, who is an east-west runner. And an east-west runner needs a strong offensive line, which the Husky’s don’t have. Not to mention their atrocious defense, that’s why they are bellow the Golden Bears.
  7. Oregon State Beavers: The Beavers and the team below them are very, very similar. And in reality the other team should be in the seven spot. But I just can’t get the image of OSU blowing the Cougs doors off at CenturyLink Field out of my mind.
  8. Washington State Cougars: The Cougars had one of the most potent passing attacks in the country last year. And it only got a lot better with the hiring of Mike Leach. The Cougs also have a decently talented secondary but their linebackers and defensive leave much to be desired.
  9. UCLA Bruins: The Bruins managed to win a couple of games they shouldn’t have and ended up playing in the Pac-12 Championship game last year. Don’t expect much of the same as the QB situation still isn’t worked out and there defense still needs to be whipped into shape. All while installing a new coaching staff and offensive and defensive system. 
  10. Arizona State Sun Devils: They lost their star QB and Middle LB to the NFL and they have a new coach. Looks like the Sun Devils are looking at a rebuild as Todd Graham tries to install his system.
  11. Arizona Wildcats: A very similar situation to their in-state rivals. The Wildcats lost their starting QB and are reeling after their head coach was fired. But fortunately for them they had their head coach for this year hired midway through the season. Rich Rod will try and install his system. But it’s going to be a while before Wildcat fans see the results they want.
  12. Colorado Buffaloes: Just think back to the 2009 Washington State squad.