A Quick Update on the Radio Show

Some of my readers may have forgotten but the original reason this blog was created was to help me reiterate what I was talking about on my Radio Show. Fortunately I did not and I went to KUGR Studios to talk to some people and figure out when applications and training would happen again. I found out some important information that I am now passing on to you guys. To the information!… after the jump.

The first major point is that the KUGR General Meeting is on August 29th and shows will kick off on Sunday, September 2nd. That’s like only three weeks away! 
As for the actual time of the show, the time is in limbo. I have signed up to be part of the WSU Sports Crew. Therefore, I very well could be, busy all day on Saturdays moving equipment around for the broadcast and the show could be on a totally different day. I will be sure to keep you guys updated. 
The final update is about call-ins. I tried several times last year but for some reason I couldn’t get the phone to work. But, to me, it quickly became obvious that I wasn’t the only one with the problem; I would listen in on shows and would hear my fellow DJs and Host struggle to get calls come through on the phone and, if they did get calls through, they would have their calls drop. Today I suggested downloading Skype on to the Voxpro computer (the computer where I am able to surf the internet and get the sound bites you listened on the last broadcast back in April). Orion (KUGR’s Programs Director) liked the idea and will bring it up at the next board meeting. 
So there are the updates, stay tuned for more information as Sports With Neil gets ready to go back on air!

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