Welcome to College Football!

As a Cougar fan I’ve been looking forward to this new season for a very long time.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months you probably know that Mike Leach is the new head coach of the Washington State Cougars.


It’s great because there’s not the usual pessimism that comes with an average Cougar football season, especially now that derpy derp Paul Wulff isn’t coaching our team anymore.  There may be ups and downs this season, but it’s going to be great regardless of the final record.

With that being said BYU is still favored to win tomorrow and if the Cougs lose the rest of the nation will still look at us as that crappy team in 2008 who lost every game by at least 30 points.  We’re pretty much flying under the radar here at the beginning of the season. 

To heck with that though, how about some optimism, you never know how good you are until you line up on the field for that first game.  Let’s start off 2012 with a win.


My record this season:  0-0 (hopefully 1-0 after tomorrow)

Either way “Cougs” win.



  1. The defense didn't do that bad….. The offense was not so good….The only explanation is that the Mike Leach was replaced by aliens

  2. HOHOHO says:

    Guess the aliens must be morman then

  3. Mike Leach is a Mormon….

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