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Previewing the Rest of Week 1

Well yesterday didn’t turn out the way I expected.  Washington State got blown out 30-6 by BYU and people are calling for Leach’s head.  Well people Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this turnaround might be an even bigger challenge than that.  With that in mind though, let’s look at the rest of the big games.

Michigan State Versus Boise State

(24) Boise St

(0-0, 0-0 away)

(13) Michigan St

(0-0, 0-0 home)

I’m only going to be previewing games featuring two ranked teams this week because the rest of the match ups pretty much involve cupcake teams against big college programs.  Time to look at this match up in East Lansing, Michigan.  The Michigan State Spartans have gained a lot of national respect over the last few years, and the same can be said for the Boise State Broncos as well.  With that in mind though, home field advantage is huge in college football, and Boise State is going to realize just how much it misses Kellen Moore.

My Pick:  Michigan State

Michigan Versus Alabama

(8) Michigan

(0-0, 0-0 away)

(2) Alabama

(0-0, 0-0 home)

If my dad sees this he’s probably going to skin me alive after reading this (graduated from U of M).  Michigan Wolverine quarterback Denard Robinson is a Heisman candidate, and a great quarterback who can both run and pass.  That being said though, break-out running back Fitzgerald Toussaint will not start in tomorrow’s game.  Alabama did lose practically half their defense to the NFL so this will be closer than people think, but they should have enough talent to contain Denard.  Sorry dad but I’m gonna let you down here.

My Pick:  Alabama

I sure hope I’m wrong.

Washington versus San Diego State

San Diego St

(0-0, 0-0 away)


(0-0, 0-0 home)

OK maybe I lied a little.  I’m previewing this game because I despise UW fans and all they stand for.  That’s right I’m calling you out, but this is a free country so get used to it.  That being said though I recognize the rebuilding effort Steve Sarkisian put in at this program has been phenomenal considering that they went 0-12 in 2008.  I’m probably going to be wrong but I’m just gonna pick whoever is playing the Huskies for the heck of it.

My Pick:  San Diego State

I hope I’m right.

Anyways those are my picks, let me know what I can do to improve and I’ll just go from there.

I got my icons and information from ESPN. 

My record:  0-1

Let’s get a few wins!



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