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The Pac-12 Power Rankings After Week One

As I set out this weekend of watching College Football I really didn’t expect there to be a lot of change in my power rankings for this week. The Pac-12 watched one of its games get postponed and three of its teams get knocked off by supposedly inferior talent. Also several of their teams played poorly, for want of a better term, against teams they had every right to crush. So these power rankings are going to have a lot more change then there should be for the first week in a major athletic conference. 
  1. USC: The Trojan offense rolled and the defense stopped Hawaii’s offense. It was a good tune up for the warriors from Southern Cal. And they definitely looked like one of the top three teams in the country.
  2. Oregon: If I’m a Duck fan I’m really worried about my third stringers. Like they gave up 34 points to Arkansas State, what’s wrong with these guys? And their third string offense only scored seven.
  3. Utah: Their destruction of Northern Colorado wasn’t in and of itself impressive enough to have them bump Stanford from this spot.
  4. Stanford: Last year the Cardinals destroyed the San Jose, this year they only won by three.  Their defense looked alright, it held the Spartans to 17; but the offense looked inefficient and out of synch for most of the game.
  5. Washington: They beat San Diego State, not because of offensive and defensive amazingness, but because of some questionable decisions by Aztec’s head coach Rocky Long. In other words, California had to face plant for Washington to move up in the rankings
  6. California: You really had to go and lose to Nevada didn’t you Cal? REALLY?!?!? If it weren’t for UCLA almost blowing their 19-0 lead to Rice you would have fallen down the rankings faster than elephant falling out of an airplane.
  7. UCLA: Their semi-impressive performance against Rice moved them past the Cougs and the Beavs. Their offense was impressive and their defensive played a lot more aggressive than they ever did under Neuheisel and that was what you really needed to watch for if you are a Bruins fan. They could very well end up forcing turnovers at the end of games and upsetting a few teams.
  8. Oregon State: Their game against Nichols State was postponed due to Hurricane Isac.
  9. Arizona State: The Devils scored 63 points and held their opponent, Northern Arizona, to 6. Their offensive output is why they jumped a team that played a much tougher opponent.
  10. Washington State: The Cougs haven’t scored a legit touchdown since there was 4:31 left in the third quarter of the Apple Cup. In other words they haven’t scored a TD in 5 and a third quarters, not exactly how you want to start off the Mike Leach era.
  11. Arizona: Did not play all that well in the opening of the Rich Rodriguez era. Sure they beat Toledo, but they barely beat Toledo
  12. Colorado: You lost to your rival Colorado State one of the worst teams in the MWC. I’m sorry but you aren’t going bowling this season. 

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  1. I did go back and forth on that one, but I decided that the strength of the opponent was the biggest. Trust me if WSU lays an egg against Eastern (even if they beat Eastern) UA will jump WSU