NFL Predictions!

Here’s my predictions for the 2012 NFL season.  Don’t get too offended!

Individual Awards

MVP:  Michael Vick
Offensive Player of the Year:  Michael Vick
Defensive Player of the Year:  Darrelle Revis
Coach of the Year:  Pete Carroll
Offensive Rookie of the Year:  Robert Griffin the Third
Defensive Rookie of the Year:  Morris Claiborne
Comeback Player of the Year:  Peyton Manning
Pepsi Rookie of the Year:  Andrew Luck
Super Bowl MVP:  Michael Vick

Playoff Predictions


1.  Baltimore Ravens (AFC North Champions)
2.  New England Patriots (AFC East Champions)
3.  Houston Texans (AFC South Champions)
4.  Denver Broncos (AFC West Champions)
5.  Pittsburgh Steelers (Wild Card)
6.  New York Jets (Wild Card)

AFC Title Prediction:  Ravens over Texans!


1.  Philidelphia Eagles (NFC East Champions)
2.  Green Bay Packers (NFC North Champions)
3.  San Francisco 49ers (NFC West Champions)
4.  New Orleans Saints (NFC South Champions)
5.  Chicago Bears (Wild Card)
6.  Seattle Seahawks (Wild Card)

NFC Title Prediction:  Eagles over Packers!



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