NCAA Football

The Pac-12 Power Rankings After Week 2

After a poor performance in the first week, the Pac-12 looked like it was going to continue playing like crap early on in week two. And then the late games happened and all of the sudden I was forced to eat crow. That being said, for the most part, the Pac-12’s performance in week two was absolutely fantastic and a great way to rebound from week one and the sadz. Now let us get to the power rankings; these got a whole lot harder to make this week. 

  1. USC: The Trojans continue to look dominate as they rolled over the Orange from Syracuse. This humiliating defeat for a Big East school just proves that the Big East doesn’t deserve the auto-qualifier spot for the BCS.
  2. Oregon: In a battle of ugly uniforms, the Ducks made Fresno State look like a power team from a none-power conference. At least it didn’t turn out like when the Ducks took on Boise State, now that would have been embarrassing
  3. Stanford: Their demolition of Duke is something they were unable to even do with Andrew Luck. Now ESPN will actually have to talk about the Pac-12 as being better than the ACC….right?
  4. UCLA: Yes, this is for real. UCLA’s upset of Nebraska was impressive for many reasons. Again the defense played aggressive and the offense was efficient and the talent assembled in Westwood is finally living up to its billing. Their win and two crushing defeats are the reasons for the Bruins meteoric rise.
  5. Washington: These next two teams were tough because they were both losses. The deciding factor was the fact that the Dawgs went into Death Valley, sure they got their but handed to him but they shouldn’t be docked that badly for taking on one of the top five teams in the country, in that team’s building.
  6. Utah: Utah State is not a team to be taken lightly, but neither are they an über good team. That being said Utah should have one and they didn’t; Utah over looked the Aggies and paid for it with a seven point loss and a pretty severe drop in the power rankings.
  7. California: A win is a win, but it was a sloppy win over Southern Utah. Zach Maynard has looked bad and the defense has looked even worse. Things aren’t looking so good in Berkeley right now
  8. Arizona: I’m starting to wonder if most of the Wildcats problems last season were centered around Stoops. We still have a lot to learn about this squad but a win over Oklahoma State (and a #24 ranking) definitely make me think that Rich Rod will win a lot of games in Tuscon.
  9. Oregon State: How often do you see a team knock off another BCS conference’s defending champ and that team moves down in their conferences power rankings? That says a lot about the performance of the Pac-12 this past week. But in all seriousness the Beavs beat Wisconsin and they used the two areas that were their Achilles Heel last season, the O-line and D-line. Should be interesting to see how they perform in Pac-12 play.
  10. Arizona State:  An impressive win over the Illinis definitely makes this team look like they might be for real this year. And they are 10thin my power rankings, the entire conference might be for real this season.
  11. Washington State: The Cougs fell victim to the Conference’s success this week. Even though they beat Eastern Washington (who likes to give the in-state Pac-12 schools heart attacks), it wasn’t a very well executed game. Now add in the conferences impressive week and you understand why they dipped a spot in the power rankings.
  12. Colorado: Can you say 0-12? They became the second Pac-12 school to fall victim to Sacramento State and things look rather bleak for John Embree and his Buffaloes.