Today is Sports With Neil’s Birthday.

Today is Sports With Neil’s birthday. I don’t know why, one year ago today, I decided to start this blog. We all know what happened on this day. I vividly remember watching it all happen on Television. That’s what makes this post so hard to write. After all this post is supposed to be about the celebrating the first year of my blogs existence; but it’s hard to celebrate when the events of a eleven years ago so vividly pop into my head.

This blog started with a  bang and then rather quickly fizzled as I started a series I have yet to finish (sound familiar Mr. Powers?) . That was until another author was added in January; that author was brought on to cover boxing and in his first legit post Double V also received the blogs first comment. And the blog only got more attention as it began to cover the Chris Hansen arena proposal.

Again things quickly fizzled as Double V and I got tangled in school work. And this little old blog remained silent for most of the summer. That was until we got back to Pullman and two new authors were added to the and all of the sudden the pace of posting rapidly picked up. So what’s next for Sports With Neil? Find out after the jump.

The first thing that is getting an update would be the logo. Shortly after I signed up for the radio show I raced home and created a Facebook group (which no longer exist) and the current logo. The current logo was created in two minutes on Microsoft paint. And it shows it. I felt like the logo needed to be ditched and a new one created.

That is where friend of the Radio Show Brett Gleason comes in. A side from being one of the better sports writers on the Daily Evergreen’s staff Brett also has shown a pretty good eye when it comes to graphic design. So I contacted him on Twitter a couple of weeks ago and asked him to draw up a logo using the same color scheme and a bolder font for the name. He did and what he came up with is absolutely fantastic, so with out much further ado we at Sports With Neil unveil Brett Gleason’s design and our new logo.

Also keep an eye out for a new layout to the blog. We at Sports With Neil are looking at a complete revitalization of the current layout. So thank you guys very much for sticking with us throw some growing pains. We here at Sports With Neil are hoping for many more years to come!

Again, thank you readers!

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