NCAA Football

The Pac-12 Power Rankings After Week 3

The Pac-12 continued to look strong this week as two of its top three teams (according to last week’s power rankings) played each other in a fantastic display of college football; two teams of the muddled middle went into hostile environments against top notch opposition and took their games down to the final minutes; and a rivalry game came down to three field stormings and a bunch of missed field goals. So how does this affect the conference power standings?
  1. Oregon: The Ducks performance against Tennessee Tech was interesting to say the least; seven different guys scored TDs after all. But it wasn’t nearly as impressive as what the team next in the list did.

  2. Stanford: Four straight, that’s how many times the Cardinals have knocked of the Trojans of Southern California. They looked strong as their offense ran the ball extremely effectively and their defense played strong. Definitely looks like it’s going to be an interesting season in the North this year.

  3. USC: As Mark Sandritter of CougCenter said it; “USC dropping a Pac-12 road game to diminish their national championship hopes is nothing new, it just doesn’t usually happen three games into the season

  4. UCLA: The Bruins continued to look good against an inferior opponent. Only time will tell if this is a genuine turn around for the folks in Baby Blue.

  5. Utah: Utah played a decent game against a tough opponent in BYU. Although the Mormon Cougars blew three straight field goal attempts with one second left on the clock. I would recommend that the Ute’s student section learn the proper timing when it comes to field storming. 

    The Moral of the Story is don’t celebrate too early. Courtesy of  BlockU

  6. Washington: Despite the huge blowout victory over Portland State the problems with their offensive line were clearly apparent. I continue to be impressed by the aggressive style of play calling that comes with the new-look Husky Defense.

  7. California: If they had managed the upset against The Ohio State they would have jumped the Dawgs. That being said Tedford’s play calling remains interesting; kicking the field goal instead of going for it on 4th and 1 with the game tied late in the fourth quarter.  

  8. Arizona: The Wildcats took on a cupcake and they absolutely demolished them. Not surprising and therefore not worthy of bumping them up.

  9. Oregon State: This BYE Week was actually a scheduled BYE.

  10. Arizona State: The Sun Devils should have lost by more against Missouri. But they didn’t and that’s because of some good defense and three field goals misses. 

  11. Washington State: They played sloppy against the easiest opponent on their schedule, okay the second easiest opponent. As a result they were very lucky to beat UNLV by eight points. When is it Tuel Time again? 

  12. Colorado: They are officially worse than the 2008 and 2009 Washington State Cougar squads, losing 69-14 to a WAC School. If they lose next week against the 2012 Cougs they are probably going 0-12.