NFL Picks Week 3

Well there were a lot of upsets to be had last week.  That’s why you play the game.  We aren’t perfect, and we make mistakes (but boy did I make a lot of those last week).  Anyways without further ado let’s preview the rest of these matchups.

Giants versus Panthers


This could be a monster upset.  Cam Newton is leading a strong Carolina team coming off an upset of the Saints.  While the Giants just barely beat the Bucs at home.  Carolina has a lot of good pieces but they aren’t just playoff material just yet.  Don’t write them off though

My Pick:  Panthers

Buccaneers versus Cowboys



The Bucs are looking like a strong team especially if Vincent Jackson decides to show up like this every game.  Dallas on the other hand didn’t show up against the Seahawks and Tony Romo got harrassed all game.  The Bucs almost beat the Giants, but there’s a part of me that doesn’t think they can show up at Cowboys Stadium.

My Pick:  Cowboys

Hopefully I’m wrong.

Jaguars versus Colts



When you have two teams that suck but one sucks less than the other…you usually pick that team.

My Pick:  Colts

Sometimes it’s just that easy.

Bills versus Browns



Do I really have to pick a winner here?!  Well these two franchises have been the butt of every NFL memes joke ever since either of these teams last made the playoffs (which by the way was when I was in 6th grade), and it’s hard to pick a winner.  Buffalo showed some promise with a blowout win over the Chiefs, and the Browns…well they played dead like they always do.  Brandon Weeden is definitely their guy, but he needs better players if he’s gonna start competing.

My Pick:  Bills

Jets versus Dolphins


God the Dolphins are annoying (and that’s not just because I’m a Jets fan.)  The Dolphins did have a very impressive win over Oakland though, and that definitely is a mark above the effort they brought into Houston during Week 1.  Star Jets corner Darrelle Revis might still be out though for the game, but I think the Jets are definitely gonna be out for some payback.  Especially because this team ended their season last year.
My Pick:  Jets   
Chiefs versus Saints

Well this is it Saints.  You either beat the Chiefs here or you suffer a very long season (as if it wasn’t long enough already).  Drew Brees will still get it done, however, even if his team doesn’t show up.  He’s light years ahead of Matt Cassell.
My Pick:  Saints
Bengals versus Redskins

This could be a great game.  Both have good young squads on the rise, and both have young blooming quarterbacks.  RGIII is awesome, but I think Andy Dalton gets it done considering he has A.J. Green and a strong defense to back him up.  Plus, RGIII lost to the Rams too.
My Pick:  Bengals
Rams versus Bears

An easy one.
My Pick:  Bears
49ers versus Vikings

Another easy one.
My Pick:  Niners
Lions versus Titans

And another easy one.
My Pick:  Lions
Falcons versus Chargers

OK I’ll actually start trying now.  This looks like an awesome match up especially considering both have thoroughly dominated their competition so far.  Matt Ryan showed a lot of poise in his dismantling of Denver, and Michael Turner continues to be awesome.  As for the Chargers, Philip Rivers just doesn’t do it for me in big games.  Ryan Matthews also hasn’t stepped up yet and I doubt he will in this game.
My Pick:  Falcons
Cardinals versus Eagles




Who would have thought the Cardinals would be 2-0.  That was a great win against New England, and Philly also had a great win against the Ravens too.  I think when push comes to shove though, the Eagles show just how much better talent wise they are than the Cardinals.  That is of course unless Michael Vick turns over the ball six times.

My Pick:  Eagles

Steelers versus Raiders



I really thought the Raiders were going to be special this season, but they blew it against what I thought was one of the worst teams in the NFL.  Now the Steelers are coming to town after dismantling the Jets.  Forget it, there’s no way Oakland can win this one.

My Pick:  Steelers

Texans versus Broncos



Well I’ll be, two offensive juggernauts going against each other.  Peyton Manning had three interceptions against a decent Falcons secondary, and unless he takes better care of the football more of those are to come against a tough Houston defense.  The Broncos are a great team, don’t get me wrong, but I think Houston gets into the end zone way too many times for Manning to catch up.

My Pick:  Texans

That’s what good offense AND defense does for you.

Patriots versus Ravens



This is it.  A rematch of last year’s AFC Title game.  Is it payback time in Baltimore?  Will New England stop from reeling?  We’ll only know once kickoff starts.  Due to shoddy replacement officiating Baltimore left Philly with a loss.  New England is also trying to bounce back from a tough loss to the Cardinals.  The Pats will get the loss to Arizona out of their mouth, but Baltimore’s D is too good.  I think the Ravens are for real.  New England loses a close one.

My Pick:  Ravens


Packers at Seahawks



Well lookie here.  Two teams are coming off of strong wins against great competition (though I wouldn’t use that adjective for Jay Cutler.)  This could be a shootout, but Seattle’s D is definitely going to be out in full force bothering Aaron Rodgers.  Definitely going to depend on how each team’s defense performs.  It’s also going to be loud at Qwest Field so expect for the 12th Man to be out in full force and for Russell Wilson to throw all over the Packers D.  Forget the experts I’m going for the upset.

My Pick:  Seahawks

My record:  16-16

Hopefully I’m above .500 after this week. 



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