Open Radio Show Thread!

This is your place to talk about the radio show! Have any comments or questions? Place them in the comment section here and we will try and get them on air!
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  1. I am listening….what is with the cheese tunes?

  2. Left the Buffer Music we normally do at my apartment. Sorry Guys!

  3. Hi, I would like to know what you think about the upcoming game against CU.I think that this year, unlike last year,the cougs are going to have a tough time against a prepared CU team. Especially since the cougs can only beat crappy teams, and CU has nothing to lose this week. Plus Boulder is just a bad ass place, unlike the boring pullman, full of farmers.

  4. That'll come up around 5:30. And you'd be surprised how bad Colorado is. This would be a good place to see how bad the Buffaloes are.

  5. CU will win, must of the starters will be back on the field, plus, the coming down from high elevation will allow the buffs to stomp all over the kitty cats

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  7. You do realize that Pullman is at 2,500 feet right?

  8. This comment was in violation of site rule and was deleted.

  9. Also please use the Reply Button

  10. Greg Henderson, starting corner, will be back finally to shutdown the cougs throwing game

  11. So which receiver will he cover? WSU has more than one receiver, he can't cover all of them.

  12. please turn down the heat for tomorrow…see you soon

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