NFL Picks Week 4

Well I got above .500 last week (barely) and there still were a whole bunch of upsets.  There should be a few easy wins this week, but in the NFL you never know.  Let’s start the week’s action by looking at tonight’s game.

Browns versus Ravens



This is one game where I won’t be kicking myself for not having NFL Network.  In all honesty I think the Browns might sadly be the second team to go 0-16 in NFL history.
My Pick:  Ravens
Patriots versus Bills

Oh for the Pats to lose three in a row would be a real treat.  Buffalo has come off strong after that loss to the Jets in Week 1, but New England is definitely going to be looking for payback because they don’t forget about losses (like the one in Week 3 last year).  The Bills put up a strong effort but those stupid Patriots win it.
My Pick:  Patriots
49ers versus Jets

This is a battle of two strong defenses.  San Fran is coming off a tough loss to Minnesota while the Jets just barely squeaked by Miami.  Last I checked Revis was getting a second opinion on his ACL injury, but the air was definitely let out when it was announced that Revis Island would be out for the season.  Somehow I’ve got the feeling that Cromartie covering Vernon Davis is not going to be pretty.
My Pick:  49ers
It hurts to do this.
Seahawks versus Rams

Fresh off the controversial win over Green Bay, the Seahawks head to St.Louis to get another win and start the season string at 3-1.  Looks like that’s going to happen considering how horrific Sam Bradford has played against Seattle.
My Pick:  Seahawks
Panthers versus Falcons

Well look at who’s the class of the NFC all of a sudden.  The Falcons are fresh off a blowout of San Diego and they’re looking to start 4-0 for the first time in a while.  Hopefully Cam Newton can get me some fantasy points, because if half of those things I’ve heard about this Birds defense are true, the NFL is in for a long season.
My Pick:  Falcons
Vikings versus Lions

The Vikings are fresh off an upset win over San Francisco while the Lions are trying to bounce back from an overtime loss against Tennessee.  Christian Ponder looked great as a quarterback, and Adrian Peterson also showed flashes of his old self.  Ever since Stafford went down in Nashville I’ve had questions about the Lions, and I think this is where the Madden Curse hits.
My Pick:  Vikings
Trust me the curse is real. 
Chargers versus Chiefs

I think the Chiefs got a little too lucky in last week’s game against the Saints.  They should be 0-3 right now, but they will suffer a third loss from a Charger squad hungry for redemption.
My Pick:  Chargers
Titans versus Texans

I’ll give you a hint, pick the team that’s 3-0.
My Pick:  Texans
Bengals versus Jaguars

I’ll give you another hint, pick any team playing the Jaguars (unless they’re the Browns).
My Pick:  Bengals
Raiders versus Broncos

Huge win for Oakland.  They should have a lot of confidence heading into Denver now that they beat a tough Pittsburgh team.  Darrius Heyward-Bay is out of the hospital, and they’re looking to get to 2-2.  On the other hand though, Manning has played close games against two premier teams that might have been victories if a possession had of gone his way.  I think Oakland learns just what makes this Manning kid special.
My Pick:  Broncos
Dolphins versus Cardinals

Seriously did not expect the Cardinals to be 3-0 this season.  The Dolphins have a lot of talent on that roster, but I don’t see them putting it all together and getting a win considering the way the Cardinals have done things lately.
My Pick:  Cardinals
Some things you just can’t predict.
Redskins versus Buccaneers

This could be a great match up.  I have a lot of faith in RGIII considering the effort he just turned in against the Bengals in a tight Week 3 loss.  The Bucs are good, but I think RGIII wins it for the Skins.  I’ll bet you Schiano blitzes the QB during the kneel down and RGIII turns it into a 70 yard touchdown run.
My Pick:  Redskins
Saints versus Packers

Who would have thought that these two teams would be under .500 right now.  Both teams are desperate for a win but I’ve gotta go with the Packers for this one.  It’s at Lambeau, and I still think they’re pissed about that game (just a hint).
My Pick:  Packers
Giants versus Eagles

I have no faith in Michael Vick considering that lackluster effort that he put in against Arizona.  I think the Giants are going to contain Philly’s offense and prove that this Super Bowl hangover thing is just pure nonsense.
My Pick:  Giants
Bears versus Cowboys

This could be a good one.  One of these teams will be 3-1.  The Bears have a good defense and a dynamic return man in Devin Hester, but I still have questions about Jay Cutler.  I think in a battle of choke artists Dallas wins because their defense puts Cutler on the ground and Romo finds a way to get the win.
My Pick:  Cowboys
My record:  25-23
The Steelers and Colts have their byes this week.
Check the blog out tomorrow.  I have a special feature on a certain person from Akron.

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