Why David Stern’s Sudden Urge to Get a Team Back In Seattle Will Destroy His Legacy.

This doesn’t look familiar at all

For those who want to see the Supersonics back in the Yahoo article by Adrian Wojnarowskiis a very good thing. It means that we, as Seattle sports fans, are closer to the return of the City’s first professional franchise. And by return I mean the name and a shared history between the new Sonics and the Thunder. There is a chance for Sonics fans to see the Green and Gold back in action and it’s beyond exciting for us people up here in Seattle.

That being said this news is less then exciting for the folks in Sacramento.  There is some hope that one of the local buyers manages to get the team back, keeping them in Sacrament, and that the NBA could then use expansion to fill the hole in Seattle (according to Wojnarowski Stern has left the expansion door open). But for one of those local buyers to step up they would have to compete with a group containing a couple of Billionaires in Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer. Add in the Maloofs reluctance to sell and you are going to have astronomically high price tagto acquire the Kings and then the cost only sky rockets more, the bigger the pockets of the buyers the better.

If the sale of the Kings to Hansen’s ownership group goes through and he relocates the Kings from Sacramento David Stern’s legacy will take another huge hit. And unlike a few of the other big hits his legacy has endured, mostly by his own dumbassery, this one could be the biggest. It could be the biggest because of their actually had been a deal in place to save the team and build a new arena in Downtown Sacramento.

Under David Stern the NBA has made a living off of twisting the arms of elected officials to force massive public construction subsides of new arenas. The most recent target of this arm twisting was the Mayor and City Council of Sacramento and, like most other cities, they caved in and agreed to help finance a new arena. Unlike most cities, however, the Maloof brothers (the King’s owners) backed out of the deal citing financing issues that weren’t actually there. As a result the Municipal Government of Sacramento doesn’t trust the Maloofs anymore because they still owe the city $70 million from 1997 AND they backed out of the Arena deal which was overwhelmingly publically funded.

It was a sweet heart deal that the City of Sacramento gave the Maloofs and David Stern had taken a major part in those negotiations. To have the Maloofs turn around and spit his hard work in his face had to frustrate Stern and that became clear in his public statementsfollowing the collapse of the deal. And it seems like he wants the Maloofs out of the league. And it seems that Stern’s desire to punish the Maloofs will also punish Kings fans.

It appears that this punishing of Kings fans is going to be the final act in David Stern’s turbulent career as the Commissioner of the NBA. Combine this with the nasty relocation of the New Orleans Jazz, the Charlotte Hornets, the Vancouver Grizzlies and the Seattle SuperSonics and you have a reputation that is badly bruised and to about to take another nasty hit. And this hit looks like it will be Stern’s last bow. Stay tuned folks because this situation is going to get rather interesting, rather quickly.

The Pac-12 Power Rankings For Week Ten (After Week Nine)

Last week in the Pac-12 was an interesting week as there was a pair of interesting upsets and the results of both of these upsets was that the conference Power Rankings were thrown into deep chaos. The results of the on-field chaos in the Pac-12 has led to a perception that the conference nearly as strong as was initially thought earlier this year and its impacting how coaches vote in the Coaches poll and THAT impacts the BCS Computer Rankings. Anyways anti-BCS diatribes aside let us delve into the Pac-12 Power Rankings.

1) Oregon: You laugh at their uniforms, they laugh at how few points your favorite college football team manages to put up against their defense.

2) Oregon State: Their loss to Washington is not very good and it means that the Beavers took a drop in the top-25. But it doesn’t prevent them from dropping in the Power Rankings as no one below them has performed consistently enough to rise above them in the Power Rankings.

3) Stanford: Trust me after that weak performance at home against the Cougs I didn’t really want to make these guys rise in the Power Rankings. Their offense sputtered (Nunes got pulled in favor of Nottingham later in the second half) and the had lot of trouble stopping short passes; as a result Jeff Tuel threw for over 400 yards on 60 attempts.

4) Arizona: They became the second team this season to knock off the Trojans this season and it looked like they had a really good grasp of Rich Rodriguez’s offense. And it paid dividends as their offense was able to execute in crunch time despite an apparent concussion to their fifth year senior QB Matt Scott.

5) USC: Their shocking loss in Arizona is a only a sign of things to come as USC still has two more years of scholarship sanctions; be prepared to see the mind scratching losses pile-up.

6) Washington: This is the second time they’ve upset a top-25 team this season. And after three straight losses, there is a slow return of optimism to Monlake.

7) Arizona State: You lose to one of the teams that are further down in the Power Rankings and you are going to drop like a rock.

8) UCLA: The Bruins looked less than impressive in Tempe but they got the win and that’s all that matters. Granted I will say that this year’s squad is greatly improved from the 2011 squad; but they have a long way to go to get to where Bruins fans think they ought to be.

9) Utah: The Utes blew up the Golden Bears as there were up 42-6 at the half. A fun game for Utes fans in a season of such disappointment.

10) California: The Golden Bears had a two game winning streak annnnnnnddddd it’s gone.

11) Washington State: An impressive offensive performance, despite giving up ten sacks, put the Cougs in a position to score a game tying TD as time expired. A holding penalty and a sack put an end to any hope the Cougs had of pulling the upset in Palo Alto.

12)Colorado: Ummmm even Tennessee Tech didn’t lose to the Ducks by 56 points…


I’m Settling this Once and for All: Why LeBron James is Better than Kobe Bryant!

Well basketball season is underway and that means the defending champion Miami Heat will be playing the Boston Celtics at home.  While the new Western Conference front-runner, the Los Angeles Lakers, will be playing at home against the Dallas Mavericks.  Unless the Lakers collapse there’s a high likelihood that there’s going to be a LeBron/Kobe Finals match-up.

A lot of you probably expected me to post this.  I’m a little biased and I’m a LeBron fan, but right now there’s no question that he’s the best player in the game.  Besides King James is royalty, what is Kobe the king of?  Not passing the ball?!

Right now Kobe fans are reading this and they’re probably playing the Kobe has more rings than LeBron card.  Well I do agree that this is the case, but do rings really make a player better than another.  Bill Russell has more rings than Michael Jordan, but does that make him any better, of course not.  MJ was the best that ever played the game, so you can’t say that someone who has won more rings than someone is better than that person.

Let’s also look at how Kobe won his rings.  Kobe had to piggyback off of Shaq to get his first three, and it was only until the Lakers traded for Pau Gasol that he was able to win his last two.  Before the Lakers got Gasol they were practically First-Round fodder every time.  LeBron on a limited Cavaliers team was able to lead his team to a Finals appearance and two straight 60-win seasons before he left in free agency in Miami to get his first ring.  I guarantee that Kobe couldn’t do that on his own.

Now I’m not trying to trash Kobe here.  I think he’s a great player, and definitely a first ballot Hall-of-Famer.  It’s just that LeBron does things better than he does.  LeBron has three M-V-P’s and Kobe has one.  The M-V-P is the mark of how good and dominant a player is, and LeBron has won it three out of the last four seasons.  That clearly shows that right now he’s the better player.

Let’s also look at the super-team Kobe has assembled.  Let’s see, Gasol, Artest (I won’t ever call him World Peace), Nash, and Howard.  This sounds familiar…OH YAH!  Didn’t Kobe, Shaq, Gary Payton, and Karl Malone all decide to join the same team once.  Didn’t they not even make the playoffs…that’s right they didn’t.  In fact the year before that they lost to the Detroit Pistons in the Finals.

How did LeBron do against the Pistons?!  Do you remember Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals?  I sure as heck do.  He singlehandedly annihilated that team.  He was playing at a god-like level that day against superior competition.  Did Kobe ever play against superior competition?  NO!  He was never outmatched because he had someone that was always there to help him.  When LeBron played the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Semifinals in 2008 he fought a scrubby Cavaliers squad to Game 7 against that super team and almost beat them.  When the Celtics went to play Kobe in the Finals, Kobe played possum.  LeBron is better simply because he took an inferior group of guys and made them play at a championship-like level.

Another thing to think about, when they make GOAT (Greatest of All-Time) comparisons, they always compare LeBron to MJ and it never is LeBron to Kobe.  That should tell you something right there.

Kobe also never had to deal with the scrutiny LeBron did.  When LeBron left Cleveland it seemed that the entire world was out to get him.  With Kobe he was hated briefly in 2002 after he raped someone at a hotel in Colorado.  Rape is a felony people, leaving a team isn’t.

Now on a side note I’ll admit that I’m a Heat fan and that I’m going to talk my fair share of trash and say a couple snarky things that fans of other teams probably wouldn’t say.  Laker fans are different though.  They will spit out barbs even when their team is 1-10 and they’re down by 55 points in the third quarter.  If you beat my team, I’ll shut up.  Guess that says something about their fans.

So in conclusion any way you look at it LeBron is better than Kobe.  This regular season will be interesting, but come Finals time if these two teams meet the Heat are going to win it in six, and I’m being generous.

LeBron is better than Kobe, period!

And in all honesty it’s not even close!


College Football Week 9 Picks!

Sorry I couldn’t get the Week 8 picks up.  Looks like my Internet Explorer browser and Word Press was an unsuccessful marriage.  Anyways without further ado let’s get to this weeks match-ups.

Texas Tech versus Kansas State

(14) Texas Tech

(6-1, 3-1 Big 12)

(3) Kansas St

(7-0, 4-0 Big 12)

Kansas State proved to be a national contender by routing West Virginia and giving Geno Smith a run for his money.  Texas Tech has been a surprise contender in the Big 12 this season as well, and that showed in its overtime win against TCU.  Both teams are good, but I wouldn’t bet against any team that came off of a shellacking of one of the top offenses in college football.

My Pick:  Kansas State

Florida versus Georgia


(2) Florida

(7-0, 6-0 SEC)

(10) Georgia

(6-1, 4-1 SEC)

This might actually be a rivalry again.  Both are top 10 teams, and both have put together strong performances thus far.  Florida has proven me wrong week after week against top competition, and I think this is the time where we realize that they actually are a contender and not a pretender.  I don’t think Georgia is there quite yet.

My Pick:  Florida

Mississippi State versus Alabama

(11) Miss. St

(7-0, 3-0 SEC)

(1) Alabama

(7-0, 4-0 SEC)


My heart says Mississippi State, but my head says Alabama.  Alabama’s playing at home too.  Kind of tough to pick against this rolling train.

My Pick:  Alabama

Notre Dame versus Oklahoma

(5) Notre Dame

(7-0, 2-0 away)

(8) Oklahoma

(5-1, 3-1 Big 12)

Wow what a game.  Two great offenses going against each other.  Notre Dame is definitely for real this season, but they have a tough challenge against Oklahoma.  Expect for a lot of points to be scored this game.  I know I shouldn’t pick against Oklahoma at home, but screw it I’m gonna be Irish just this once.

My Pick:  Notre Dame

My record:  21-13 (I swear it on my mom’s grave)

It’s great to be back!


Open Radio Show Thread; October 26th, 2012

I am back in studio this week with Gibson. The show starts at 4:00 pm and you can tune in here.

Today we will be covering:

  • The Cougar offensive struggles and QB controversy.
  • A report saying that the NBA is pressuring the Maloofs to sell to Hanson
  • The Mariners raising ticket prices and continuing to anger fans
  • The surprising Oregon State Beavers and a Pac-12 updates
  • The Cougar visit down to Palo Alto, California

Post any questions you have for Gibson and I in the comment section and we will do our best to answer those questions on air

Week 8 NFL Picks!

Sorry about not recording my NFL and college football picks last week.  I’ve just had a hard time working the new WordPress layout.  Anyways, things have calmed down in the newsroom, so without further ado let’s preview our week 8 match-ups   Let’s kick things off with Bucs and Vikings.

Buccaneers versus Vikings





The Vikings are one of the surprise teams in the NFL this year.  I certainly didn’t expect them to be 5-2.  It also looks like Josh Freeman is picking up where he left off in 2010 and is making big plays down the field.  This could go either way, but I trust that an Adrian Peterson led offense, and a Jared Allen led defense will make things tough for Tampa.

My Pick:  Vikings

Dolphins versus Jets





I will admit that the Dolphins are a better team than I thought they were.  I certainly didn’t expect them to have a .500 record at this point in the season.  The Jets also looked great last week against New England in a game they should have won.  According to ESPN.com, the Jets are 3-1 following overtime games under Rex Ryan.  Expect that trend to continue.

My Pick:  Jets

Chargers over Browns





Is this even close?!

My Pick:  Chargers

Colts versus Titans





This is quite the match-up   I’m not sure what to expect from either team.  Will we see the Chris Johnson who got 100+ yards against the Bills, or will we see the back that was a shell of his former self at the start of the season?  Will we see the Andrew Luck who upset the Packers, or the Luck who lost to the Jaguars in Week 3?  The Titans certainly have the talent to win this one, but it all comes back to the quarterback position.  I think Luck has it in him.

My Pick:  Colts

Patriots versus Rams





Call me crazy but I think the Rams can make this a game.  New England is 0-2 so far against NFC West teams, and with this match-up in London I think that “Old England” will be enough for the Rams to defeat the Pats.  I say Zuerlein makes a clutch field goal to seal the deal in my upset of the week.

My Pick:  Rams

Jaguars versus Packers





Not even close, on to the next one.

My Pick:  Packers

Falcons versus Eagles





According to ESPN.com, the Eagles are undefeated after bye weeks under Andy Reid.  Atlanta is also undefeated this season, so something is going to have to give on Sunday.  As much as I want to pick the Eagles, I can’t go against the hot hand right now.  Especially since Philly blew a lead to THE LIONS AT HOME!

My Pick:  Falcons

Redskins versus Steelers





I like you RGIII, but I honestly don’t think a lot is going to save you against an aggressive defense like this one.

My Pick:  Steelers

Seahawks versus Lions





The big battle could be between Marshawn Lynch and Ndamakung Suh.  The Hawks are 0-3 against the NFC West, but 4-0 against other teams.  Seattle wins this one.  If they can beat Green Bay and New England, the can definitely beat Detroit.

My Pick:  Seahawks

Panthers versus Bears





This is gut-check time for Cam Newton.  Can he turn around Carolina’s season?  He can, but it’s not going to start against the Bears defense.  Sorry Carolina you’re going to have to wait until next week to make that renaissance.

My Pick:  Bears

Raiders versus Chiefs





This is like choosing in between a diarrhea milkshake or thrown-up apple pie.  Both teams suck, but the Raiders have fewer question marks.  When you start Brady Quinn as your quarterback that pretty much says it all.

My Pick:  Raiders

Giants versus Cowboys





Well well well, looks like we have a repeat of our season kickoff in early September.  If a certain Denver quarterback wasn’t playing this might have been the game of the week.  Will Romo find the same magic he found against the Giants in Week 1, or will the Giants go back to Dallas and improve to 4-0 in the New Cowboys Stadium?  We’ll see, but seeing the roll the Giants are on it’s looking like the latter scenario will be the case.

My Pick:  Giants

Saints versus Broncos





Out of all the times for someone to get payback, this has to be the moment for it.  Peyton was riding high and looking to get that second Lombardi when boom Tracy Porter comes out of nowhere and gets a pick-six for a touchdown.  Granted Porter is on the Broncos now, but I doubt Peyton’s forgotten about that game.  I’d really hate to be the Saints right now.

My Pick:  Broncos

Niners versus Cardinals





Give me one good reason to pick the Cardinals, and don’t say it was because they started the season 4-0.

My Pick:  Niners

Well that’s all for this week.  The Texans, Ravens, Bengals, and Bills all have byes this week.

My record:  64-40

I swear on my mother’s grave that’s my overall marks to this point.


The Pac-12 Power Rankings After Week Eight

This last week in the Pac-12 was pretty much mundane and, for the most part, predictable. Unfortunately I am starting to get the feeling that we are getting to the point where there isn’t going to be too much movement in the power rankings. It’s going to be a long hall from here to the end of the season (all though the Civil War should be interesting). Oh well let’s get on with it then; feel free to tell me how stupid in the comments (just do it civil like).

  1. Oregon: The Ducks faced a blackout in Tempe; all Chip Kelley and company did was to laugh and laugh and laugh.
  2. Oregon State: The Beavers are 6-0 for the first time in forever and look like they have one of the best defenses in the conference. And that defense gets to grind its collective teeth against an offense that has struggled of late in the Huskies next week, should be interesting to watch.
  3. USC: The Trojans did what they were supposed to do and absolutely destroyed the Buffs. No reason for any movement.
  4. Stanford: The Cardinal have been hard to gauge this season but they absolutely out muscled the Golden Bears as they took the Axe back home with them after a 21-3 victory.
  5. Arizona State: If you are going to have a blackout and make an awesome video, like this, you better damn well stay competitive in that game. The Sun Devils didn’t even manage to keep it competitive for a half as the Ducks wrapped this one up before the half (14 of ASU’s 21 points came in the fourth quarter).
  6. Arizona: Well then….Hi there Arizona…
  7. Washington: As a Coug I laughed with glee when I checked the score board and saw that the Huskies lost by 35 to the Wildcats. As an aspiring sports broadcaster I laughed at how bored the play-by-play guy and color commentator must have been in the booth.
  8. UCLA: The Bruins had a bye.
  9. California: The Golden Bears saw their two game winning streak snapped as they lost The Big Game in Strawberry Canyon and the Jeff Tedford hot seat watch is back on.
  10. Utah: They took on one of the best Beaver squads in recent memory and lost by 14, nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to be bragging about either.
  11. Colorado: Another blowout loss, this time at the hands of the Trojans.
  12. Washington State: Well at least they didn’t lose this weekend.

Radio Thread 10/19

Post questions and comments in the comments about today’s show. Gibby is all alone and he wants some help with the show, it will be great if you all post on this. He will make sure to answer all comments and questions.

Topics today:

  • MLB playoffs
  • Derek Jetter/ Alex Rodriguez
  • NFL
  • Seahawks
  • Cougar Football

Seahawks at 49ers: Three Things I Want to See From The Hawks

The Seahawks visit an aging (and soon to be irrelevant) Candlestick Park to take on the 49ers in a battle of the best of the West (we all know the AFC West is a joke). After their upset of the Patriots last week the entire Country knows that the Hawks mean business and now they get to prove it against the team that ran away with the division last season. But this game is more than just continuing to make statements on national TV it is a chance for the Hawks to take control of the division, to take control of their Playoff fate. This game will be huge in that matter as it would give the Seahawks their first divisional win of the season and their next three division games are at Century Link Field.

And that is the key point in this visit to the foggy city by the bay. This is a chance to make the Hawks the front runner for the NFC West title and therefore a team with a pretty damn good shot at making the playoffs. That means the Seahawks are going to have to do a several things to beat the 49ers and here are the three things I want to see form the Seahawks as they travel to San Francisco.

  1. MOAR BRUCE IRVIN: Irvin pretty much disappeared from this fans ever watchful eye against the Patriots. If they Seahawks are going to completely disrupt the 49er’s offense they have to get to Alex Smith and Bruce Irvin has proven that he is more than capable of hitting the opposing QB, he has 4.5 sacks despite playing only one third of the Seahawks defensive snaps. I want to see the Hawks run more packages with Irvin and for him and Clemons to consistently be harassing Alex Smith and the more sacks the better.
  2. Change the pace with Robert Turbin: The Seahawks have the second best run game in the NFL, at 131 YPG, and a lot of that come through Marshawn Lynch. For those of those who don’t realize it Lynch has had back issues all season long. So why not ease the work load on Beast Mode and start feeding the Rookie Robert Turbin a little more, after all he is averaging 4.5 YPC.  Not bad for a rookie at all….
  3. Let Russell Wilson loose: Wilson’s won two games late on deep throws. He has shown the ability to pull the trigger on his reads and he has made his reads quickly. Defenses are stacking the box to stuff Marshawn Lynch and the run game; now is the time to continue to show them that the Hawk’s offense is not one dimensional and to prove to everyone else that  Russell Wilson is the real deal.

The Pac-12 Power Rankings After Week Seven

There was one real shocking result in the conference this week and combined with an underperformance caused a squad to move up. But other than that it was a bunch of underperformances combined with teams just doing enough to stave off the underdogs. In other words the Pac-12 was a mess and that was reflected in Oregon’s drop from #2 to #3 in the BCS standings; OSU’s rise in the BCS is because they are 6-0, just like their cross-state brethren. How does this impact my Pac-12 Power Rankings? Let’s go on and find out!

  1. Oregon: The Ducks had the bye this week and get a chance to rest and recharge going into next week’s game versus Arizona State.
  2. Oregon State: The Beavers walked into a hostile environment in Provo and absolutely controlled the game. Cody Vaz stepped up big time and it looks like there is going to be a QB controversy down in Corvallis (editor add in: Brett Gleason reminded me that Mannion is out indefinitely with a knee injury; he could be back this season or he could be out for the year, we don’t know).
  3. USC: They also went on the road and did not control the game. Despite the fact that the Husky offense turned over the ball in two crucial moments, Matt Barkley and the Trojan offense were not able to capitalize on it. Give credit to the Husky front seven as they were constantly harassing Barkley in the back field.
  4. Arizona State: The Sun Devils destroyed the Buffaloes and they continue to look dynamic on offense. Their defense continues to look stout and they have completely cut out the stupid penalties that plagued them last season. They receive their biggest test of the season as the Ducks come on down to Tempe.
  5. Stanford: They got jobbed on their final offensive drive having their game tying TD not called a TD and it cost them the ball game. Hard to make them drop a lot after that impressive performance against an undefeated and top-five team.
  6. Washington: They had their opportunities to take over the ball game against the Trojans and initiate a second storming of Century Link Field. But they couldn’t capitalize and as a result they lost the game and dropped in the Power Rankings.
  7. Arizona: Despite the bye the Wildcats moved up as the UCLOL UCLA Bruins stumbled against the Utes, and the fact that all of their games have come down to the final minute.
  8. UCLA: The Bruins struggled to beat the Utes and it looks like Jim Mora Jr. is going to have to kick some serious butt down there in Westwood lest they lose to somebody they are not supposed to.
  9. California: Oh my look at this they moved up after their second consecutive win. The Golden Bears out played, and out ran, the Cougs for their second consecutive victory and their third on the season. Now they are halfway to bowl eligibility.
  10. Utah: I had such high hopes for the Utes. But their defense and running backs have not lived up to the preseason hype and as and the result is a continual plummet in my power rankings.
  11. Colorado: And that’s another Buffalo blowout loss!
  12. Washington State: Le sigh….

Rios & Alvarado Deliver: Donaire Dominates Nishioka

Last Saturday nights HBO Boxing after Dark Broadcast featured an absolute special fight between Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios and “Mile High” Mike Alvarado. In the main event, two technically sound fighters in Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire and Toshiaki Nishioka battled it out for supremacy of the junior featherweight (122 Ibs.).

In the junior welterweight (140 Ibs.) division, Rios (31-0-1 22KO) overcame a serious challenge from Alvarado (33-1 23KO) by badly hurting him in the seventh round with an overhand right hand and continuing with a  barrage of punches that had Alvarado dazed against the ropes, causing the referee to stop the fight.

Prior to that, the fight was extremely close but it seemed that Alvarado had a slight edge against Rios. The fight was an all-action affair as the fighters managed to throw a combined 1,320 punches in only half a fight according to CompuBox. However, it appeared that Alvarado was outworking Rios and landing the more eye-catching shots that judges tend to look for.

None of that would matter as Rios showed his trademark tenacity in not giving up as he kept the pressure on Alvarado by smacking him with his right hand. Alvarado’s demise came when Rios landed a perfect right hand that caught Alvarado’s chin just right. Alvarado stumbled to the ropes as Rios continued to pound him relentlessly. The referee waved the fight off after Rios landed more punishing right hands that snapped Alvarado’s head back.

Brandon Rios lands a bomb on Mike Alvarado

Some people may feel that the stoppage was too soon, but in the end it’s better to be one punch too soon than one punch too late. Besides, it was clear that Alvarado was badly hurt and even though he had his hands up, he wasn’t blocking any of Rios’ blows.

With this exciting victory, Rios has established himself in the 140 Ib. division and it’ll be interesting to see where he goes from here. Potential matchups with the likes of Lucas Matthysse and the winner of the Danny Garcia-Erik Morales rematch are possible. In fact, considering how even the fight was before the seventh round, a rematch with Alvarado wouldn’t be out of the question. However, Alvarado will probably want to recover from this fight and maybe get some momentum back by fighting a tune-up fight before considering any serious opposition.

In the main event, Donaire (30-1 19KO) scored a mostly one sided victory over the accomplished Nishioka (39-5-3 24KO) with a ninth round TKO. The first five rounds were hard to watch due to the tentative nature of Nishioka and Donaire’s inability to penetrate Nishioka’s defense for the most part. However, Nishioka became more aggressive in the sixth, which gave Donaire the openings he was looking for.

Donaire knocked him down with an extremely fast left uppercut to the chin. Nishioka fought back after the knockdown and was able to land some good hooks and left hands on Donaire, but the punches didn’t seem to affect the Filipino fighter. Donaire decided to entice Nishioka to attack him by going against the ropes and dropping his hands. Nishioka fell for Donaire’s traps and repeatedly got hit throughout the 7th and 8th round.

Nishioka’s aggressiveness backfired in the ninth round. Donaire had his back against the ropes, which tricked the Japanese fighter to fire punches. He fired a southpaw jab and Donaire countered it with a faster and more powerful straight right hand. Nishioka got up on unsteady legs and his corner decided to throw in the towel in order to protect their fighter.

In the post-fight interview, Donaire expressed interest in fighting the winner of the Anselmo Moreno-Abner Mares winner and almost anyone in the junior featherweight division. He was critical of a fight with Guillermo Rigondeaux, stating that Rigondeaux needs to beat more accomplished fighters in order for Donaire to be interested in the fight.

Nishioka’s future is less clear. He contemplated retirement before this fight and now after losing for the first time in over eight years, he may find retirement more tempting. However, I would still favor him to beat almost every junior featherweight not named Donaire, Rigondeaux, or Mares so he may have a few fights left in him.            `


Week 6 NFL Picks

Well I underestimated the Titans and I’m off to a bad start this week. As a result this makes me 1-4 in Thursday Night Football games this season. But I’m still 12 games over .500 so there’s still a chance for me to correct the many bad decisions I’ve made. Here’s my picks for this week.

Chiefs versus Buccaneers





Here’s the Toilet Bowl. Both teams are really struggling right now, and both are in dire need of a win. I’ve never really had a lot of confidence in Kansas City as a team so I think they’re in for a rough outing in Tampa. I don’t think their defense can stop Vincent Jackson.

My Pick: Buccaneers

Colts versus Jets





I think both these teams are better than people think they are. Indianapolis just got off a brilliant upset of Green Bay, and the Jets pretty much held their own against the Texans, what many people consider to be the best team in the NFL. It all depends on how Mark Sanchez does in this game. Dustin Keller will be back so he’ll be a big help for a Jets team looking for a win. I say that a Cromartie-led defense steps up and Gang Green gets back to .500.

My Pick: Jets

Bengals versus Browns





I think the Browns can win this game. Sorry I can’t say that with a straight face.

My Pick: Bengals

0-6 going on 0-16.

Lions versus Eagles





Is it just me or do people just have no confidence in the Lions now. Detroit has a lot of talent, but based off of the season they’ve been having it’s going to implode fast. The Eagles are a much more stable team.

My Pick: Eagles

Raiders versus Falcons





I think the Raiders can keep it close (and if McFadden gets me some fantasy points that makes it even better). The Falcons are looking strong, however, and are the current front-runners to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. You don’t want to bet against the hot hand, especially when it’s on their home turf.

My Pick: Falcons

Rams versus Dolphins





Jeff Fisher definitely has his team pointed in the right direction. If it wasn’t for a controversial call in the opening game against the Lions his team would be 4-1. The Dolphins would also be 4-1 if they’d have beaten the Jets and the Cardinals in overtime. Both these teams have surpassed expectations, so it will be interesting to see how this one plays out. I think St. Louis will get the win here, but look for the Dolphins to keep it interesting.

My Pick: Rams

Cowboys versus Ravens





If Tony Romo struggled that much last week against the Bears defense at home, I can’t wait to see how bad things get against the Ravens defense AT BALTIMORE. Sorry that’s all I’m going to say about this one.

My Pick: Ravens

Bills versus Cardinals





I think we learned a lot about the Cardinals last week. Now that the bandwagon has cleared out people are going to find out how good this team really is. Call me crazy, but I say the Bills start their surge here and prove how much of a contender they truly are. Kolb’s off his game so a win is ripe for the taking.

My Pick: Bills

Patriots versus Seahawks





It’s going to be loud at Century Link Field. It’ll be interesting to see the way that Tom Brady responds to this hostile crowd. The big question for the Seahawks though is if Russell Wilson can take care of the football against a suddenly tough New England defense. I say he does and that Beast Mode gets a touchdown for me (fantasy points, wahoo).

My Pick: Seahawks


Giants versus Niners





This is a payback game. San Francisco is definitely going to be looking for blood especially after a loss in the NFC Title game. Not much you can do about that, especially going against a team this good. Sorry Giants fans.

My Pick: Niners

Vikings versus Redskins





The Vikings are a decent team, but I’m not sure that they have consistently shown that they’re the class of the NFC. Coming off a tough loss to Atlanta, I say RGIII has a big performance and sends Minnesota back home with a loss.

My Pick: Redskins

Packers versus Texans





This is going to be a good one. Two high powered offenses are going against each other and one is in desperate need of a win. Houston looked really vulnerable against the Jets, and I think the Packers just imploded in the final moments against the Colts. Aaron Rodgers gets this one, and the number of unbeaten teams in the NFL goes down to 1.

My Pick: Packers

Broncos versus Chargers





This is for the West. Whoever gets this win gains control of the division for the time being. It’ll be interesting to see how Peyton Manning plays against the Chargers, especially because they’ve been his Kryptonite over the years. I say he erases the jinx and gets the Broncos a much needed win. If Norv Turner doesn’t see January there’s a good chance he’ll have to start greeting at Wal-Mart.

My Pick: Broncos

My Record: 44-32

That’s all for this week, have a great Sunday.


College Football Week 7 Preview

Welcome to Week 7 of college football. There’s a lot of great games on the horizon, so without further ado let’s jump into the action!

Texas versus Oklahoma

(15) Texas

(4-1, 1-1 Big 12)

(13) Oklahoma

(3-1, 1-1 Big 12)

This could very easily be the next great chapter in the Red River rivalry, or a blowout for either squad. Look for both teams to air it out early, with Landry Jones taking the charge for the Sooners and David Ash doing the same for the Longhorns. It all depends on how either defense does, but in all honesty Texas’s effort against West Virginia showed me that this is a team that can keep pace with a high powered offense. Landry Jones is a great quarterback, but he’s no Geno Smith.

My Pick: Texas

Stanford versus Notre Dame

(17) Stanford

(4-1, 2-1 Pac-12)

(7) Notre Dame

(5-0, 3-0 home)

If you would have asked me for the winner of this game at the start of the season, I would have said Stanford in a heartbeat. For once I was wrong about Notre Dame. They have done nothing but prove me wrong and win big games this season, and they deserve all the national recognition. It looks like Stanford has recovered from that loss in Seattle. On the other hand, if the Cardinal can’t win there you can’t really expect them to do the same in South Bend. This Irish squad just has too much momentum.

My Pick: Notre Dame

South Carolina versus LSU

(3) South Carolina

(6-0, 4-0 SEC)

(9) LSU

(5-1, 1-1 SEC)

Well if it isn’t the game of the week. Look for both teams to run the ball and try to make big defensive plays. It’s going to be loud in Death Valley and I expect both quarterbacks to struggle. This is a big change for Marcus Lattimore to prove that all of this Heisman talk about him isn’t hot air. I say that he gets a touchdown or two, and helps the Gamecocks get one step closer to an SEC east title and potentially meeting Alabama in the SEC Title game.

My Pick: South Carolina

Texas A&M versus Lousiana Tech

(22) Texas A&M

(4-1, 2-1 SEC)

(5-0, 2-0 home)

This is a David versus Goliath matchup. The upstart Bulldogs are a strong contender to bust the BCS, but you have to question the quality of play in the WAC, and I think that Texas A&M gets the best of this team considering how well they’ve played the SEC elite so far. According to ESPN.com, the last time these two teams met, A&M won 37-17 in 2010. The score might be a little closer, but I don’t think much else will change after that.

My Pick: Texas A&M

My Record: 16-10

I’ll have NFL posted tomorrow, have a good night.


Patriots at Seahawks: Three Things I Want to See From The Hawks

The Seahawks face the Patriots on Sunday in Seattle and it is a chance for them to show the nation that their victory over Packers was not a fluke. For the well over the last decade the Patriots, and the AFC East, have dominated the NFL’s media landscape. Last time these two teams met, the Pats beat the Seahawks by ten in Gillette Stadium back in 2004. Now the Patriots are making the trip west to Century Link Field and they get to face the 12th Man. This should be an interesting game to watch and you should definitely tune-in to CBS at 1:05 PM.

  1. Russell Wilson over 250 yards passing: It’s time to open up the play book a little more and do have Russell Wilson do what every other QB has done to the Patriots has done, abuse their secondary. The Patriots are allowing a league worst 290 yards a game. In other words this needs to be a “show me” game for Wilson, as he needs to continue showing growth and improvement in his passing attack.
  2. Tom Brady on the turf:The primary reason the Seahawks were able to upset the Packers was the fact that they sacked Aaron


    Rodgers nine times (eight in the first half). If they want to disrupt the Patriots offense they are going to have to continue to apply pressure to Tom Brady and force him to make quick, and hopefully poor, decisions.

  3. An aggressive, physical, secondary:The Patriots offense relies heavily on timing and quick releases from the QB. Disrupt the receiver’s routes, and the offenses timing, on the line of scrimmage by bumping and running. Playing a physical style is something the Seahawks have done all season and they need to continue it and take advantage of the home field advantage to beat the Patriots on Sunday.Those are the three things I want to see from the Hawks. What are yours?