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Three Things I Want to See From The Cougs

The Cougs are playing on National TV again and again they are playing a school from the State of Oregon; as they take on the #14 Oregon State Beavers on Pac-12 National in Corvallis. It should be an interesting game this year as in the last two match-ups the home team was the favorite and got absolutely slaughtered by the road team.  And the Beavers are off to a hot start while the Cougars are not; it’s taking a while for the offense to adjust to Leach’s systems. This game should be interesting to watch and I have three things I want to see from the Cougs throughout this game.
  1.  Connor Halliday making wise decisions: Halliday has struggled massively in the past with quickly progressing through his reads or locking onto receivers. Last week against Oregon he almost cut that out of his game. I want to continue to see Connor not locking onto his receivers and getting through his progressions out quickly.
  2. MOAR TRAVIS LONG: Travis Long is one of the leaders in the conference when it comes to sacks. He has gotten in the back field and disrupted plays for the majority of the season and he continues to need to do that if the Cougs are going to be in (or win) this ball game. They are going to need long to be harassing Mannion all game long; Long also needs to be able to get sacks otherwise the porous Cougar secondary will be giving up plays all game long.
  3. Mannion picking turf out of his facemask: During the first half of the Colorado game the Cougs kept hitting Jordan Webb and they got several key sacks in the process; they stopped getting sacks in the second half and as a result Webb was able to get the ball to his receivers and pick that secondary apart. If the Cougars are even going to have a chance down in Corvallis they are going to have to be getting to Mannion and taking him down before he gets rid of the football.

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