Here’s the rest of NFL Week 5!

Well Thursday didn’t go too well for me, but my roommate didn’t get the output he wanted from his fantasy team so I’ll take it as a win.  Anyways here’s the rest of this week’s action.

Eagles versus Steelers



I’m beginning to notice a weird pattern with the Eagles.  Any time I pick against them for big games they always show up and somehow surprise me.  I still think the Steelers are a great team (and hopefully Ben Roethlisberger gets me fantasy points), but when you have a gut pick you can’t just go against it.  Hopefully karma backs me up on this one.
My Pick:  Eagles
Packers versus Colts

Sorry Colts, you’re going to need more than Luck to beat the Packers (ba-dum-ching)!
My Pick:  Packers!
You never know though, sometimes you may get surprised (see Week 1 Redskins versus Saints).
Browns versus Giants

I think the Browns have the possibility to cover the point spread.  However, I think the Giants are going to be hungry for a victory after they were denied one against the Eagles.  Looks like Cleveland is 0-5 going on 0-16.
My Pick:  Giants
I don’t want to wish that on a Browns fan, but if worst comes to worst, you can share a drink with a Lions fan.
Falcons versus Redskins

These are two good squads coming off a victory.  Both RGIII and Matt Ryan should light it up for fantasy owners, but in the end Atlanta prevails.  Normally you don’t want to go against a squad that already has a lot of momentum.
My Pick:  Falcons
Dolphins versus Bengals

Bengals are good, Dolphins suck.  What else is new.
My Pick:  Bengals
Ravens versus Chiefs

Same with this one.  I see no way how Kansas City wins this game.
My Pick:  Ravens
Seahawks versus Panthers

OK I’ll quit being a jerk and start trying here.  Both squads are coming off of tough road losses and a lot of people are questioning quarterback play on both sides.  Cam Newton and Russell Wilson are both great QB’s, but I think the real question is how well the running game and defense performs.  Enter Marshawn Lynch.  I think both he and the Seahawks D steps it up enough to limit Newton and get the Hawks over .500 for the first time in a while.
My Pick:  Seahawks
Bears versus Jaguars

Maybe if a bear and a jaguar actually fought each other it’d be more interesting.  Someone call Michael Vick (too soon?).
My Pick:  Bears
Broncos versus Patriots

This should have been the Sunday Night game.  Every year a Manning versus Brady showdown is must-see TV, and it’s only usually only decided by a few points.  Both squads are desperate for a win, so look for both to air it out early in this match up.  I don’t have a lot of confidence in either D, so look for the QB that has the ball in his hands last to get the win for his team.  In this case, it looks like it’s going to be Manning.
My Pick:  Broncos
Bills versus 49ers

ESPN analyst Chris Berman predicted the Niners and the Bills would meet in the Super Bowl for 12 consecutive years.  I don’t know if that’s the case for this match up, but San Francisco is just too good.
My Pick:  Niners
Titans versus Vikings

Again this is another easy one.  Considering that the Vikings are home against a Tennessee team that has struggled I think they pull out the win to improve to 4-1.  It’s hard to think that Minnesota could contend at this time.
My Pick:  Vikings
Chargers versus Saints

The Saints are desperate for a win.  Considering this is at New Orleans you can’t rule out Brees going out for a huge passing game.  Considering the performance the Chargers put up against Atlanta, you still have to question if Phillip Rivers is going to poop his pants in this game.
My Pick:  Saints
Texans versus Jets

It hurts to do this, but I’ve got to go against my Jets.  The Texans are just too good.  Maybe Tebow can come in and say a prayer to get his team a TD.
My Pick:  Texans
My record:  35-27
The Raiders, Buccaneers, Lions, and Cowboys have byes this week.

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