NCAA Football

The Pac-12 Power Rankings After Week Six

The Pac-12 has five ranked teams now. Two of them I feel are over rated and this week showed it, except one of those teams still managed to climb higher in the standings, while the other one dropped out completely. And as a result of this week’s game there was some shifting in the power rankings as well so let’s get right to them.
  1. Oregon: The Ducks continue to show off a strong defense and an awesome high scoring offense. And that match-up at USC doesn’t look nearly as daunting after the Trojans defense struggled against a mediocre offense.
  2. Oregon State: The Beavers offense looked inconsistent and struggled at times against a defense that absolutely stepped up its game; but the important things was that the offense ended up pulling it out in the end and semi-ran away with the game against the Cougs. Their defensive front seven continued to look dominate and Jordan Poyer made some huge defensive plays throughout the game.
  3. USC: The Trojans looked sloppy on defense and their offensive line continued to struggle. Barkley’s monster second half performance kept the Trojans from losing their second game this season and the MUSS in their seats.
  4. Stanford: Despite Josh Nunes’ and his struggles the Cardinals outscored the Wildcats in a game type that seemed more suited to the Wildcats style. It was an impressive effort for the Cards, but it took a couple of epic flops to get them to jump two spots.
  5. Washington: Again the Huskies got curb stomped by the Ducks, but then again who haven’t the Ducks curb stomped?
  6. Arizona State: It took an epic flop to get a team that had a bye to jump a spot….
  7. UCLA: The Golden Bears have looked absolutely offensively inept most of the season; that was until they ran into the Bruins. It’ll be interesting to see how Jim Mora and his staff respond to this blowout loss.
  8. Utah: They played the Trojans tough and showed some improvements on offense. The real question is do they continue to show offensive improvements or do they go back to the team that got curb stomped by the Sun Devils.
  9. Arizona: Rich Rod’s offensive style should have benefited them in a shootout against a run first club in Stanford. Instead the Wildcats are sitting at 2-4 and wondering what happened to that team that destroyed Oklahoma State.
  10. California: Despite that impressive win the Bears didn’t move at all. They need to consistently perform well, which they haven’t this season, to start moving up. And fortunately for them they get a chance to put up back-to-back big wins when they travel up to the Palouse to take on the struggling Cougs.
  11. Colorado: Bye week, yaaayyyyy!!!
  12. Washington State: After that impressive defensive performance on the road the question is can the Cougs keep it up at home against the California Golden Bears? And can their offense find some consistency?