Patriots at Seahawks: Three Things I Want to See From The Hawks

The Seahawks face the Patriots on Sunday in Seattle and it is a chance for them to show the nation that their victory over Packers was not a fluke. For the well over the last decade the Patriots, and the AFC East, have dominated the NFL’s media landscape. Last time these two teams met, the Pats beat the Seahawks by ten in Gillette Stadium back in 2004. Now the Patriots are making the trip west to Century Link Field and they get to face the 12th Man. This should be an interesting game to watch and you should definitely tune-in to CBS at 1:05 PM.

  1. Russell Wilson over 250 yards passing: It’s time to open up the play book a little more and do have Russell Wilson do what every other QB has done to the Patriots has done, abuse their secondary. The Patriots are allowing a league worst 290 yards a game. In other words this needs to be a “show me” game for Wilson, as he needs to continue showing growth and improvement in his passing attack.
  2. Tom Brady on the turf:The primary reason the Seahawks were able to upset the Packers was the fact that they sacked Aaron


    Rodgers nine times (eight in the first half). If they want to disrupt the Patriots offense they are going to have to continue to apply pressure to Tom Brady and force him to make quick, and hopefully poor, decisions.

  3. An aggressive, physical, secondary:The Patriots offense relies heavily on timing and quick releases from the QB. Disrupt the receiver’s routes, and the offenses timing, on the line of scrimmage by bumping and running. Playing a physical style is something the Seahawks have done all season and they need to continue it and take advantage of the home field advantage to beat the Patriots on Sunday.Those are the three things I want to see from the Hawks. What are yours?

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  1. My three concerns for the Seahawks:

    1. This revamped rushing attack by the Patriots….can Seattle’s D be tout against the run?

    2. Not turning over the ball against the Patriots….try to minimize the amount of time Brady gets the ball.

    3.Wilson’s pass protection against the Patriots Chandler Jones

    What do you think?