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Alec Johnson HB, WR, LB 6’1” 155lb Sophomore
Brian Dunlop HB, WR, LB 5’8” 150lb Sophomore
Bryson King QB, WR, FS 6’2” 160lb Sophmore
Evan Vinyard TE, WR, DB 5’9” 160lb Sophomre
Gibson Lisk QB, WR, DB 5’8” 135lb Sophomore
Mark Molnar HB,TE,D-line 5’7” 170lb Senior
Nathan Youmans WR,TE,SS TALL TBA Senior
Neil Roberts WR, D-line, 5’10” 130lb Sophomore
Nick Koopmans WR, LB 5’9” 165lb Sophomore
Taylor Shanda O-Line,D-Line TBA TBA Sophomore
Tommy Mirante HB, WR, DB 5’11” 165lb Sophomore
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