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The Pac-12 Power Rankings After Week Seven

There was one real shocking result in the conference this week and combined with an underperformance caused a squad to move up. But other than that it was a bunch of underperformances combined with teams just doing enough to stave off the underdogs. In other words the Pac-12 was a mess and that was reflected in Oregon’s drop from #2 to #3 in the BCS standings; OSU’s rise in the BCS is because they are 6-0, just like their cross-state brethren. How does this impact my Pac-12 Power Rankings? Let’s go on and find out!

  1. Oregon: The Ducks had the bye this week and get a chance to rest and recharge going into next week’s game versus Arizona State.
  2. Oregon State: The Beavers walked into a hostile environment in Provo and absolutely controlled the game. Cody Vaz stepped up big time and it looks like there is going to be a QB controversy down in Corvallis (editor add in: Brett Gleason reminded me that Mannion is out indefinitely with a knee injury; he could be back this season or he could be out for the year, we don’t know).
  3. USC: They also went on the road and did not control the game. Despite the fact that the Husky offense turned over the ball in two crucial moments, Matt Barkley and the Trojan offense were not able to capitalize on it. Give credit to the Husky front seven as they were constantly harassing Barkley in the back field.
  4. Arizona State: The Sun Devils destroyed the Buffaloes and they continue to look dynamic on offense. Their defense continues to look stout and they have completely cut out the stupid penalties that plagued them last season. They receive their biggest test of the season as the Ducks come on down to Tempe.
  5. Stanford: They got jobbed on their final offensive drive having their game tying TD not called a TD and it cost them the ball game. Hard to make them drop a lot after that impressive performance against an undefeated and top-five team.
  6. Washington: They had their opportunities to take over the ball game against the Trojans and initiate a second storming of Century Link Field. But they couldn’t capitalize and as a result they lost the game and dropped in the Power Rankings.
  7. Arizona: Despite the bye the Wildcats moved up as the UCLOL UCLA Bruins stumbled against the Utes, and the fact that all of their games have come down to the final minute.
  8. UCLA: The Bruins struggled to beat the Utes and it looks like Jim Mora Jr. is going to have to kick some serious butt down there in Westwood lest they lose to somebody they are not supposed to.
  9. California: Oh my look at this they moved up after their second consecutive win. The Golden Bears out played, and out ran, the Cougs for their second consecutive victory and their third on the season. Now they are halfway to bowl eligibility.
  10. Utah: I had such high hopes for the Utes. But their defense and running backs have not lived up to the preseason hype and as and the result is a continual plummet in my power rankings.
  11. Colorado: And that’s another Buffalo blowout loss!
  12. Washington State: Le sigh….

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  1. There can’t be a QB controversy at Oregon State, Mannion is done for the year. Unless you’re saying next year, which even then I’d say probably not.

    • And that’s the first I’ve heard of the Mannion being out for the season….Shows you what I get for waiting a couple of days in between starting the post and finishing it.

      • Well it’s “out indefinitely” due to the knee surgery. I’m just assuming it’s most likely a season ender. He could possibly come back. But when he does, I think it’s still clearly his job.

          • I heard that, but I just think he’s done so well this year, it’s his job now. But I totally agree, there’s no reason to rush him back, at least it would appear so after last weekend.

          • I don’t disagree with the statement that he’s locked that job down, especially when you look at the fact he did so well last season after being thrown into the fire when Katz stunk up the joint against Sacramento State.