NCAA Football

The Pac-12 Power Rankings After Week Eight

This last week in the Pac-12 was pretty much mundane and, for the most part, predictable. Unfortunately I am starting to get the feeling that we are getting to the point where there isn’t going to be too much movement in the power rankings. It’s going to be a long hall from here to the end of the season (all though the Civil War should be interesting). Oh well let’s get on with it then; feel free to tell me how stupid in the comments (just do it civil like).

  1. Oregon: The Ducks faced a blackout in Tempe; all Chip Kelley and company did was to laugh and laugh and laugh.
  2. Oregon State: The Beavers are 6-0 for the first time in forever and look like they have one of the best defenses in the conference. And that defense gets to grind its collective teeth against an offense that has struggled of late in the Huskies next week, should be interesting to watch.
  3. USC: The Trojans did what they were supposed to do and absolutely destroyed the Buffs. No reason for any movement.
  4. Stanford: The Cardinal have been hard to gauge this season but they absolutely out muscled the Golden Bears as they took the Axe back home with them after a 21-3 victory.
  5. Arizona State: If you are going to have a blackout and make an awesome video, like this, you better damn well stay competitive in that game. The Sun Devils didn’t even manage to keep it competitive for a half as the Ducks wrapped this one up before the half (14 of ASU’s 21 points came in the fourth quarter).
  6. Arizona: Well then….Hi there Arizona…
  7. Washington: As a Coug I laughed with glee when I checked the score board and saw that the Huskies lost by 35 to the Wildcats. As an aspiring sports broadcaster I laughed at how bored the play-by-play guy and color commentator must have been in the booth.
  8. UCLA: The Bruins had a bye.
  9. California: The Golden Bears saw their two game winning streak snapped as they lost The Big Game in Strawberry Canyon and the Jeff Tedford hot seat watch is back on.
  10. Utah: They took on one of the best Beaver squads in recent memory and lost by 14, nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to be bragging about either.
  11. Colorado: Another blowout loss, this time at the hands of the Trojans.
  12. Washington State: Well at least they didn’t lose this weekend.