Week 8 NFL Picks!

Sorry about not recording my NFL and college football picks last week.  I’ve just had a hard time working the new WordPress layout.  Anyways, things have calmed down in the newsroom, so without further ado let’s preview our week 8 match-ups   Let’s kick things off with Bucs and Vikings.

Buccaneers versus Vikings





The Vikings are one of the surprise teams in the NFL this year.  I certainly didn’t expect them to be 5-2.  It also looks like Josh Freeman is picking up where he left off in 2010 and is making big plays down the field.  This could go either way, but I trust that an Adrian Peterson led offense, and a Jared Allen led defense will make things tough for Tampa.

My Pick:  Vikings

Dolphins versus Jets





I will admit that the Dolphins are a better team than I thought they were.  I certainly didn’t expect them to have a .500 record at this point in the season.  The Jets also looked great last week against New England in a game they should have won.  According to, the Jets are 3-1 following overtime games under Rex Ryan.  Expect that trend to continue.

My Pick:  Jets

Chargers over Browns





Is this even close?!

My Pick:  Chargers

Colts versus Titans





This is quite the match-up   I’m not sure what to expect from either team.  Will we see the Chris Johnson who got 100+ yards against the Bills, or will we see the back that was a shell of his former self at the start of the season?  Will we see the Andrew Luck who upset the Packers, or the Luck who lost to the Jaguars in Week 3?  The Titans certainly have the talent to win this one, but it all comes back to the quarterback position.  I think Luck has it in him.

My Pick:  Colts

Patriots versus Rams





Call me crazy but I think the Rams can make this a game.  New England is 0-2 so far against NFC West teams, and with this match-up in London I think that “Old England” will be enough for the Rams to defeat the Pats.  I say Zuerlein makes a clutch field goal to seal the deal in my upset of the week.

My Pick:  Rams

Jaguars versus Packers





Not even close, on to the next one.

My Pick:  Packers

Falcons versus Eagles





According to, the Eagles are undefeated after bye weeks under Andy Reid.  Atlanta is also undefeated this season, so something is going to have to give on Sunday.  As much as I want to pick the Eagles, I can’t go against the hot hand right now.  Especially since Philly blew a lead to THE LIONS AT HOME!

My Pick:  Falcons

Redskins versus Steelers





I like you RGIII, but I honestly don’t think a lot is going to save you against an aggressive defense like this one.

My Pick:  Steelers

Seahawks versus Lions





The big battle could be between Marshawn Lynch and Ndamakung Suh.  The Hawks are 0-3 against the NFC West, but 4-0 against other teams.  Seattle wins this one.  If they can beat Green Bay and New England, the can definitely beat Detroit.

My Pick:  Seahawks

Panthers versus Bears





This is gut-check time for Cam Newton.  Can he turn around Carolina’s season?  He can, but it’s not going to start against the Bears defense.  Sorry Carolina you’re going to have to wait until next week to make that renaissance.

My Pick:  Bears

Raiders versus Chiefs





This is like choosing in between a diarrhea milkshake or thrown-up apple pie.  Both teams suck, but the Raiders have fewer question marks.  When you start Brady Quinn as your quarterback that pretty much says it all.

My Pick:  Raiders

Giants versus Cowboys





Well well well, looks like we have a repeat of our season kickoff in early September.  If a certain Denver quarterback wasn’t playing this might have been the game of the week.  Will Romo find the same magic he found against the Giants in Week 1, or will the Giants go back to Dallas and improve to 4-0 in the New Cowboys Stadium?  We’ll see, but seeing the roll the Giants are on it’s looking like the latter scenario will be the case.

My Pick:  Giants

Saints versus Broncos





Out of all the times for someone to get payback, this has to be the moment for it.  Peyton was riding high and looking to get that second Lombardi when boom Tracy Porter comes out of nowhere and gets a pick-six for a touchdown.  Granted Porter is on the Broncos now, but I doubt Peyton’s forgotten about that game.  I’d really hate to be the Saints right now.

My Pick:  Broncos

Niners versus Cardinals





Give me one good reason to pick the Cardinals, and don’t say it was because they started the season 4-0.

My Pick:  Niners

Well that’s all for this week.  The Texans, Ravens, Bengals, and Bills all have byes this week.

My record:  64-40

I swear on my mother’s grave that’s my overall marks to this point.


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