NCAA Football

The Pac-12 Power Rankings For Week Ten (After Week Nine)

Last week in the Pac-12 was an interesting week as there was a pair of interesting upsets and the results of both of these upsets was that the conference Power Rankings were thrown into deep chaos. The results of the on-field chaos in the Pac-12 has led to a perception that the conference nearly as strong as was initially thought earlier this year and its impacting how coaches vote in the Coaches poll and THAT impacts the BCS Computer Rankings. Anyways anti-BCS diatribes aside let us delve into the Pac-12 Power Rankings.

1) Oregon: You laugh at their uniforms, they laugh at how few points your favorite college football team manages to put up against their defense.

2) Oregon State: Their loss to Washington is not very good and it means that the Beavers took a drop in the top-25. But it doesn’t prevent them from dropping in the Power Rankings as no one below them has performed consistently enough to rise above them in the Power Rankings.

3) Stanford: Trust me after that weak performance at home against the Cougs I didn’t really want to make these guys rise in the Power Rankings. Their offense sputtered (Nunes got pulled in favor of Nottingham later in the second half) and the had lot of trouble stopping short passes; as a result Jeff Tuel threw for over 400 yards on 60 attempts.

4) Arizona: They became the second team this season to knock off the Trojans this season and it looked like they had a really good grasp of Rich Rodriguez’s offense. And it paid dividends as their offense was able to execute in crunch time despite an apparent concussion to their fifth year senior QB Matt Scott.

5) USC: Their shocking loss in Arizona is a only a sign of things to come as USC still has two more years of scholarship sanctions; be prepared to see the mind scratching losses pile-up.

6) Washington: This is the second time they’ve upset a top-25 team this season. And after three straight losses, there is a slow return of optimism to Monlake.

7) Arizona State: You lose to one of the teams that are further down in the Power Rankings and you are going to drop like a rock.

8) UCLA: The Bruins looked less than impressive in Tempe but they got the win and that’s all that matters. Granted I will say that this year’s squad is greatly improved from the 2011 squad; but they have a long way to go to get to where Bruins fans think they ought to be.

9) Utah: The Utes blew up the Golden Bears as there were up 42-6 at the half. A fun game for Utes fans in a season of such disappointment.

10) California: The Golden Bears had a two game winning streak annnnnnnddddd it’s gone.

11) Washington State: An impressive offensive performance, despite giving up ten sacks, put the Cougs in a position to score a game tying TD as time expired. A holding penalty and a sack put an end to any hope the Cougs had of pulling the upset in Palo Alto.

12)Colorado: Ummmm even Tennessee Tech didn’t lose to the Ducks by 56 points…