NCAA Football

The Pac-12 Power Rankings For Week Eleven

Not much to say about last week in the Pac-12 as every team that was expected to lose lost and one of those teams did it in a much more spectacular manor. In other words it was a very SEC-esque week for the Pac-12.  So let’s get to the power rankings.

  1. Oregon: The Ducks rolled-up 730 yards of offense on the Trojans and they are boring down on their fourth straight Pac-10/12 title.
  2. Oregon State: The Beavers victory over ASU, and their sudden rise to prominence, has firmly entrenched the North as the best division in the Pac-12. They just out played the Sun Devils and as a result they won their seventh game of the season.
  3. Stanford: The Cardinal finally blew out a weaker team and of course this team that was blown out was the Buffaloes.
  4. USC: They are the only team this season to force the Ducks to play their starters all four quarters. And they are the only team to actually do any consistent scoring against the Duck’s as well. Hence their rise in the Power Rankings
  5. Washington: Two wins in a row and this one was a win on the road against a struggling Cal team.
  6. UCLA: The Bruins are one of the toughest teams to figure out as both of their Pac-12 loses were real head scratchers and then they go on to blow out teams that was supposed to make a game of it. And there game against Arizona was definitely one of the latter.
  7. Arizona: The South is full of yo-yo teams this season and it is getting rather annoying, if the Wildcats had lost a close game to the Bruins they would have just swapped with USC. But instead they got blown out by the Bruins and the Power Rankings are chaotic at best.
  8. Utah: For the second straight week the Utes blew out a struggling North team at home, now the question is can they continue their new found offensive prowess as the season moves forward?
  9. Arizona State: After an impressive start to their season the Sun Devils have struggled to do much of anything on offense and as a result the team has struggled to win ball games.
  10. California: Their loss third straight loss to Washington pretty much seals the end of the Tedford era in Strawberry Canyon.
  11. Washington State: The Cougs are really 12a but Microsoft Word doesn’t have a formatting situation for that.
  12. Colorado: If not for the Cougs face plant Colorado would easily be 0-12