College Football, NFL Football, and an Apology….

Hello everyone.  Sorry I couldn’t post my college football picks last week.  My internet went out so I wasn’t able to make my picks and predictions.  Anyways as for pro football, once again the picks are pretty unanimous so I won’t go into too much detail there.  Once things calm down and the games actually start to get close I’ll start actually trying to make picks with real depth and analysis.  Anyways without further ado here’s Week 11 for College football, and Week 10 for the NFL.

College Football

#14 Stanford over #11 Oregon State

#1 Alabama over #15 Texas A&M

#7 LSU over #21 Mississippi State

My Record:  26-17

Take my word for it I was 3-2 last week 🙂


Colts over Jaguars

Giants over Bengals

Dolphins over Titans

Vikings over Lions

Patriots over Bills

Falcons over Saints

Buccaneers over Chargers

Broncos over Panthers

Ravens over Raiders

Seahawks over Jets

Eagles over Cowboys

Niners over Rams

Bears over Texans

Steelers over Chiefs

My Record:  84-48

Let’s start things well this week with another Thursday Night win 😀





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