NCAA Football

The Pac-12 Power Rankings For Week Twelve

The Pac-12 season has been pretty awesome so far this season. There isn’t a whole lot of movement since week eleven and the top team in the conference pretty much solidified itself. In other words it was another SEC-esque (although the SEC had a very Pac-10-esque week) week for the conference that dominates the West Coast.

  1. Oregon: The Ducks put the Injurygate episode from 2010 behind them as they steamrolled the Golden Bears and probably put the final nail in Jeff Tedford’s coffin.
  2. Stanford: The Cards played a tight game against the Beavers and they out defened and out offensed the team from Corvallis. Their four point victor was pretty good sign that Hogan is the QB of the future for the Cardinal.
  3. USC: The Trojans beat-up the Sun Devils and did it on both sides of the ball. After getting destroyed by the Ducks offense as they finally stood up to a spread offense and in doing so earned their seventh win of the season.
  4. Oregon State: After going on the road and playing a close game in the conference’s best defenses you would think that they wouldn’t drop that much, but after USC’s impressive performance against the Sun Devils they dropped two spots.
  5. Washington: The Dawgs wrapped up their stay at the Clink with a 6-1 record (and upset wins over two at the time top-10 teams). It should be interesting how this squad responds now on the road, which has been their Achilles heel the last decade.
  6. UCLA: You score 30 points in the second quarter and only beat the Cougs by eight….need I say more?
  7. Arizona: The Wildcats became the second team to allow the hapless Buffalo to reach the 30 point marker. They also became the first team to allow the Buffs to reach 30 and still win.
  8. Utah: So much for the momentum of blowing out two bottom feeders at home. The Utes went up to the Clink and got blown out leaving a bowl game as a tenuous goal.
  9. Arizona State: They got beat up in the Coliseum and they need to win one of their next two games to become bowl eligible.
  10. California: They played the Ducks, that’s all you need to know.
  11. Washington State: I was ready to drop the Cougs beneath the Buffalo after the first half, especially when you consider all the drama around the program recently. But something happened and they fought back and well they stay in the 11-hole.
  12. Colorado: At least the Buffs scored 30.