NCAA Football

Week 12 College Football and Week 13 NFL Picks!

It’s Thanksgiving Break, and I’m tired and honestly don’t feel like posting anything.  Here you go.

College Football

#18 USC over #17 UCLA

#24 Oklahoma State over #23 Texas Tech

#2 Oregon over #13 Stanford

My Record:  28-18

NFL Football

For the first game I chose the Dolphins over the Bills and I lost so there.

Falcons over Cardinals

Cowboys over Browns

Packers over Lions

Bengals over Chiefs

Jets over Rams

Eagles over Redskins

Buccaneers over Panthers

Texans over Jaguars

Saints over Raiders

Broncos over Chargers

Colts over Patriots

Ravens over Steelers

Bears over Niners

My Record:  92-54

Let’s make this break awesome!



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