Previewing Tonight’s Big Games

Some stuff has come up so I will preview only a few big games tonight.  Here they are!

Rutgers versus Louisville


(9-2, 4-2 Big East)


(9-2, 5-1 Big East)

Both these teams look pretty evenly matched.  I’m going to have to go with the Cardinals on this one though, because they have an elite quarterback and they’re definitely going to be mad coming off of a triple overtime loss to Connecticut.

My Pick:  Louisville

Saints versus Falcons

Atlanta Falcons
Looking past the records both teams are looking great.  New Orleans just came off a tough loss to San Francisco, but their offense is really clicking.  So is Atlanta’s though.  Call it a hunch, but I think going against a 10-1 team is a bad idea.
My Pick:  Atlanta
Well I was 6-0 last week in college football so wahoo!  Let’s start this week off well
CFB:  35-20 
NFL:  111-64

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