Month: December 2012


Arthur and Neil Play the BCS Bowls; The 2013 Orange Bowl

Now Arthur and I are moving to the game that nobody saw coming; that game would be the 2013 Orange Bowl which has the Northern Illinois Huskies (me) taking on the Florida State Seminoles (Arthur). Now again this is an exhibition game so there is no season, no injuries, and all the projected starters from ...


My Preview of the BCS Games

Well here we are.  College football season is winding down, and I’m sure you’re sick of the bowl and want to watch some real football.  Well you’re in luck, some of them start tomorrow.  Let’s first take a look at the Rose Bowl between Stanford and Wisconsin Rose Bowl: Wisconsin (8-5, 4-4 Big Ten) ...


My Recap of the Rose Bowl

Thanks for taking a look everyone.  Neil and I decided to play all the BCS bowl games, and now it’s time for me to recap the second of the five games.  After Neil beat me in the Fiesta Bowl we then decided to play the Rose Bowl.  This year’s “Granddaddy of them All” features #6 ...


The Key Arena is Dead; And Here’s The Reasons Why.

Let’s be perfectly clear about something, the Key Arena is dead. And this isn’t a recent development this has been a fact of the Arena’s life since Ackerley said a new arena was needed to keep the Sonics financially viable in the early 1990s. The situation in Seattle only got worse when they made the decision to renovate the Coliseum ...


Week 17 NFL Picks

Well here are the last regular season picks for the NFL season.  Hope everyone is having a good holiday so far.  I’m dealing with the delusion that the Seahawks could potentially get a first-round bye, so bear with me here.  Falcons over Buccaneers Jets over Bills Ravens over Bengals Bears over Lions Titans over Jaguars ...


Russell Athletics Bowl Went Hard in the Paint Last Night

So if you were wondering what a bowl game does in the immediate aftermath of said bowl game the Russell Athletics Bowl gave you a peak; Now the question I have is what is the Russell Athletics Bowl going to do until next year when it get’s played again? Is there going to be more ...


Arthur And Neil Play The BCS Bowls; The 2013 Fiesta Bowl

Arthur and I were hanging out today and decided to play some NCAA 13; after Arthur dragged my ass up and down the field in our first game (NTU 63-WKU 31) we decided to play the Fiesta Bowl. And boy was it an exciting game to play. That being said, before we get into the ...


The NFL Playoff Picture is Becoming Less (And More) Foggy

The playoff picture is pretty much set for the NFL as only two spots is open heading into the league’s last weekend of play.  Surprisingly both of the open spots are in the NFC. The only thing up for grabs in the AFC is homefield advantage. This season has been interesting for the league as ...


Week 16 NFL Predictions

Well the NFL season is winding down, and whether you are in or out of the final match-ups for fantasy football, regardless you’re looking to these next few days for the great playoff chase.  Personally I’m in the Finals for a $70 cash prize, so hopefully my team does well (and Matt Ryan doesn’t go ...


Angels Signing of Josh Hamilton Immediately Benefits Mariners

Someone was going to have to move, something was going to have to give. And that something was Kendrys Morales. The Los Angels Angles of Anaheim and the Seattle Mariners traded an average position player for an average starting pitcher; each has one year left on their current contracts, and the Mariners saved $2.6 million ...



Tomorrow starts the kickoff of an exciting college football bowl period.  There’s going to be a lot of awesome teams and a lot of great match-ups coming up over these next couple weeks.  I’ve even taken part in College Bowl Mania on ESPN.  Good luck to all your teams and may your holiday season bring ...


Week 15 NFL Picks!

Well I’ve been busy studying for Finals, so here you go! Eagles over Bengals Browns over Redskins Texans over Colts Broncos over Ravens Dolphins over Jaguars Vikings over Rams Buccaneers over Saints Falcons over Giants Bears over Packers Lions over Cardinals Seahawks over Bills Panthers over Chargers Raiders over Chiefs Steelers over Cowboys Niners over ...


Angles Signing of Josh Hamilton Might Be A Blessing In Disguise For The AL West

Mariner fans and Ranger fans have something in common, they are both angry that their club’s respective Front Offices didn’t bring home Josh Hamilton. The Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim signed the controversial outfield slugger to a five-year, $125 million deal. This deal roughly ties up $70 million per year into Albert Pujols and Josh ...


Royals and Rays Make A Trade; Baseball World LOLs

The Kansas City Royals have languished at, or near, the bottom of the AL Central for a couple of decades. Their fans have suffered for a long time and nothing the Royals seemed to have tried has helped improve the teams on field performance. So it was not all that surprising when it became rumored ...


Marquez Takes Matters Into His Own Hands; Vazquez Dominates Gesta

Every fighter craves a defining moment in their career. A moment that shows their skills, determination, and courage and is remembered long after time has passed. Before last night, Juan Manuel Marquez’ (55-6-1 40KO) defining moment was coming off the canvas three times to earn a draw against his arch-rival, Manny Pacquiao (54-5-2 38KO), in ...


Here’s the Rest of Week 14

Well I started off well for my football picks, and I started off well for fantasy too.  Let’s see if we can keep this going.  Let’s start with the Ravens and Redskins. Ravens versus Redskins (9-3-0) Ravens — (6-6-0) Redskins — First of all let me say very impressive win for RGIII and the Skins.  ...


Broncos/Raiders Preview

Well there were a few upsets last week, not to mention Pittsburgh’s last second win over the Ravens in Baltimore.  Anyways let’s get started for Week 14! Broncos versus Raiders (9-3-0) Broncos — (3-9-0) Raiders — This is an easy one, and it looks like with this Broncos team rolling no one can stop them.  ...


NFL Week 13 Preview

Well I started this week pretty well so hopefully I can keep that string of good luck going.  Let’s start with the Jags and Bills. Jaguars versus Bills (2-9-0) Jaguars — (4-7-0) Bills — Good lord those teams are horrible.  They’re so bad they’re hohohorrible (sorry had to put that pun in there).  Anyways Jacksonville ...

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