NFL Week 13 Preview

Well I started this week pretty well so hopefully I can keep that string of good luck going.  Let’s start with the Jags and Bills.

Jaguars versus Bills





Good lord those teams are horrible.  They’re so bad they’re hohohorrible (sorry had to put that pun in there).  Anyways Jacksonville is coming off of a win against Tennessee, while the Bills are coming off a thrashing by the Colts.  I expect the Bills to win this one as they have more talent.  It’s the least they can do for all the money they shelled out for Mario Williams.

My Pick:  Bills

Seahawks versus Bears





The Bears have been looking strong in recent weeks (minus the loss of Jay Cutler).  The Seahawks meanwhile have gotten into a little trouble of their own, no thanks to Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman.  Regardless the Seahawks have been horrible on the road.  They beat the Bears last year, but I don’t think they’re going to get lucky again.  Which is good because Brandon Marshall is on my fantasy team 🙂

My Pick:  Bears

Texans versus Titans





I’ll make it easy for you, pick the 10-1 team.

My Pick:  Texans

Patriots versus Dolphins





I hate the Pats, but there’s no way the Fins are going to win this one.  Their defense isn’t nearly good enough to stop Tom Brady and company.

My Pick:  Patriots

Colts versus Lions





I’m actually going to go for the upset here.  The Lions almost beat the Texans on Thanksgiving and I think that this could be when that team comes together.  It might be too little too late, but regardless I think their defense is going to give Andrew Luck a hard time.   You can’t play the Bills every Sunday.

My Pick:  Lions

Panthers versus Chiefs





First of all let me say my heart goes out to the Chiefs organization.  It makes me sad to think about the whole situation involving linebacker Jovan Belcher.  This will be an emotional day for the Chiefs, but I think that Cam Newton will unfortunately spoil the party.  He had a good game against the Eagles defense, and the Chiefs D is at least three times worse than that.

My Pick:  Panthers

Vikings versus Packers





The Vikings had a strong start to the season, but they have started to play sluggish lately.  The Packers might be down after getting blown out by the Giants, but I don’t think the Vikings defense is strong enough to contain Aaron Rodgers.  He has too many weapons to take another loss.

My Pick:  Packers

Niners versus Rams





I don’t think this one will end in a tie.

My Pick:  Niners

Cardinals versus Jets





Two shipwrecks, each one unique.  The Jets just got blown out 49-19 at home by the Pats, while Arizona is winless since that 4-0 start.  Both teams are jinxed, but I think the Jets are going to get lucky in this one.  Maybe with a little more luck they can lock up a playoff spot.

My Pick:  Jets

That could just be their schedule, but you never know.

Buccaneers versus Broncos





The Broncos are rolling right now.  I don’t think they’ve lost since week 5 against the Pats.  I expect that trend to continue, especially considering that Tampa Bay’s defense isn’t as good as it used to be.

My Pick:  Broncos

Steelers versus Ravens





No Roethlisberger, no win.  Sorry Pittsburgh but I don’t think Charlie Batch is going to cut it, especially against the Ravens.  You also lost to the Browns too.

My Pick:  Ravens

Bengals versus Chargers





Well lo and behold, the Chargers have life.  If it wasn’t for a fourth and 29 conversion by Ray Rice, we might be seeing this team in a new light.  The Bengals aren’t the Ravens, but they have some pretty strong weapons too.  A.J. Green should find the end zone at least once, but I think San Diego can get the win.

My Pick:  Chargers

Browns versus Raiders





I could make a poop joke here involving both teams, but I decided not to.  Anyways the Raiders are still horrible, and the Browns stopped being the Browns and somehow beat the Steelers.  The Browns definitely have momentum on their side, and while those rowdy fans in Oakland may give Cleveland a hard time, I think Trent Richardson breaks one or two to get the win.

My Pick:  Browns

Eagles versus Cowboys





I would pick the Eagles if it was earlier in the season, but without Michael Vick (or even with him), I don’t think Dallas lets them win.  This one is a toss up, but the Eagles defense is so bad that even Tony Romo should be able to tear it apart.

My Pick:  Cowboys

I’m just upset Bryce Brown is on my roommates fantasy team and not mine.

Giants versus Redskins





Not a bad way to end the week.  It’ll be good to see how RGIII does considering he just beat the Cowboys, and the Giants absolutely destroyed Aaron Rodgers at home.  I can see the Redskins winning this game, but I don’t think the Giants defense is going to let him break one.  New York is definitely in the drivers seat for the NFC East title.

My Pick:  Giants

My Record:  112-64

Let’s get some more wins!


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