Broncos/Raiders Preview

Well there were a few upsets last week, not to mention Pittsburgh’s last second win over the Ravens in Baltimore.  Anyways let’s get started for Week 14!

Broncos versus Raiders





This is an easy one, and it looks like with this Broncos team rolling no one can stop them.  Expect this to be an easy win for Peyton Manning and company.  Hopefully Matt Prater and Demayrius Thomas get me fantasy points because I’m in the playoffs.  Anywho I apologize for the short post, you can expect the rest of the week’s slate before the rest of week 14’s action kicks off.  Take care and stay safe.

My Record:  120-71

As for college football bowl picks, what I’m thinking about doing is just doing a simple one team over the other format before the BCS games.  Then for BCS games I’ll go into more detail.  Sorry I just don’t feel like writing thirty different articles.