Here’s the Rest of Week 14

Well I started off well for my football picks, and I started off well for fantasy too.  Let’s see if we can keep this going.  Let’s start with the Ravens and Redskins.

Ravens versus Redskins





First of all let me say very impressive win for RGIII and the Skins.  Taking down the defending champs is no easy task, and as a quarterback RGIII proved he was coming into his own.  The Ravens are different though, because they not only have a good defense, but they have a phenomenal offense to boot too.  Sorry RGIII, lighting doesn’t strike twice.

My Pick:  Ravens

Cowboys versus Bengals





It could be the delusion that the Jets could still get a playoff spot, or the fact that I’m not quite sold on Andy Dalton just yet, but either way there’s still a strong possibility that a Cowboys upset could happen.  It’d be nice if it did.  I think Romo has it in him.

My Pick:  Cowboys

Rams versus Bills





It’s hohorrible, meets hohohorrible (god I’ve got to stop making Christmas puns).  Anyways the Rams and Bills are both coming off of wins, but it seems to me that Jeff Fisher has his group of guys clicking at the right time.  I think St.Louis can get a win easy.  It is the Bills after all.

My Pick:  Rams

Eagles versus Buccaneers





Well it’s December, and the Eagles last win was in September against the Giants to go 3-1.  Fate has not been kind to this Philadelphia team, as they are on a six game losing streak.  It’s got to end sooner or later.  I know Michael Vick’s out and they have a rookie quarterback, but they still have enough firepower to pull off an upset against the Bucs.  I’m going to officially give up on them if they lose this one.

My Pick:  Eagles

Falcons versus Panthers





Looks like Atlanta might be getting another easy win here.  I expect Cam Newton to put up some numbers though, which is great because he’s on my fantasy team.

My Pick:  Falcons

Chiefs versus Browns





Ok scratch the first time I said hohorrible meets hohohorrible, this is the real hohorrible versus hohohorrible game.  The Chiefs are coming off of a strong emotional win against the Panthers, while the Browns are riding a two game winning streak (bet you didn’t expect me to say “Browns” and “Winning Streak” in the same sentence didn’t you).  I say Trent Richardson puts on a show, and gives Browns fans some hope for 2013…if it hasn’t already been stomped and sucked out of them.

My Pick:  Browns

Chargers versus Steelers





Again I will be making another call out of left field.  Maybe I’m just feeling some upsets this week.  Perhaps the boot going up Norv Turner’s butt will convince him that he needs to at least try and get a decent team in San Diego before he gets thrown out in the cold after the season’s over.  Now if only Philip River’s ba**s would drop.

My Pick:  Chargers

Titans versus Colts





Indy is on a roll, and while there’s a slight chance this one might be close, I don’t think Andrew Luck will need OT to decide this one.  Expect Jake Locker to lose this for the Titans.

My Pick:  Colts

Jets versus Jaguars





And the Jets intimidating gauntlet continues.  I of course use that phrase extremely sarcastically.  If you were to say Mark Sanchez has sucked this season, well you’d be correct, considering he got the boot for second-year QB Greg Mcelroy.  Times are tough in Jet land, but it’s even tougher to be a Jaguar fan considering the backs they’ve had to deal with.  I think the Jets defense can do enough to harass Blaine Gabbert into throwing a few easy picks.  It’s the only thing they have going for them.

My Pick:  Jets

Bears versus Vikings






As much as I like Adrian Peterson as a runner, I don’t think he can win this game for the Vikings on his own.  Considering Minnesota’s track record against divisional opponents I think this team might be out of the wild card picture.  Call it a “Ponder” I just had.

My Pick:  Bears

Dolphins versus Niners





As much as I want to see Jim Harbaugh lose two in a row, I don’t think he’s gonna lose to the Dolphins.  His team is just too good to let that happen.

My Pick:  Niners

Cardinals versus Seahawks





If it wasn’t for Kevin Kolb entering the game Seattle would have won in Week 1.  Now is the perfect time to extract revenge.  The Cardinals are on an 8 game losing streak, and barring an miracles it will be 9 after tomorrow.

My Pick:  Seahawks

Saints versus Giants





The Giants have done a heck of a job bottling up elite quarterbacks.  I expect for Drew Brees to struggle and for the Saints to fall short in this one.  My opponent in fantasy also has Brees as his starting quarterback, but you should still see it my way on this one.

My Pick:  Giants

Lions versus Packers





One of the things I like to do in my spare time is look at NFL memes.  Have you ever seen the one with Mufasa saying “That is the Super Bowl Simba, no Lion has ever been there.”  Well all jokes aside the Lions are coming together, but they’re going to need more than Luck to defeat Green Bay.  They couldn’t beat Luck last week…so yah.

My Pick:  Packers

Texans versus Patriots





I seriously hope New England gets crushed during this game.  Monday Night pits two streaks against each other.  The Pats December win streak, and Houston’s road win streak.  Houston has all the pieces put together, a win here all but locks everything up.  Go for the kill!

My Pick:  Texans

Sorry I hate New England!

My Record:  121-71

Good luck to anyone in the Fantasy Football Playoffs!




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