Angels Signing of Josh Hamilton Immediately Benefits Mariners

Someone was going to have to move, something was going to have to give. And that something was Kendrys Morales.

The Los Angels Angles of Anaheim and the Seattle Mariners traded an average position player for an average starting pitcher; each has one year left on their current contracts, and the Mariners saved $2.6 million in salary while the Angels gained $2.6 million in salary. Both teams filled a need; the M’s filled a need for a bat, and the Angels filled a need for an inning eating starting pitcher.  Basically what I, and most M’s/Angels’s bloggers, am saying is that this trade is a win-win.

And the reason that the Angels decided to part with the 29-year old Morales is that the signing of Josh Hamilton created a crunch on the offensive side of the roster in Anaheim. That’s a good thing for the Mariners as they needed a consistent home-run threat in the middle of their line-up. Last season was a struggle for Morales as he spent a lot of time DHing (Pujols kinda took over his normal position) and drilled 22 dingers; the season after he broke ankle!

I will definitely have a better statistical look at Morales later, as well as an update of the MLB offseason. But for now I leave you with a few gifs;


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