Week 16 NFL Predictions

Well the NFL season is winding down, and whether you are in or out of the final match-ups for fantasy football, regardless you’re looking to these next few days for the great playoff chase.  Personally I’m in the Finals for a $70 cash prize, so hopefully my team does well (and Matt Ryan doesn’t go off tonight).  Anyways here are today’s picks for this weeks match-ups.  I won’t go into much detail for these final two weeks, because I want to save my analysis and effort for the playoffs.  Sorry folks that’s how the cookie crumbles.  Here you go!

Falcons over Lions

Saints over Cowboys

Packers over Titans

Colts over Chiefs

Dolphins over Bills

Jets over Chargers

Redskins over Eagles

Bengals over Steelers

Buccaneers over Rams

Panthers over Raiders

Patriots over Jaguars

Texans over Vikings

Broncos over Browns

Bears over Cardinals

Ravens over Giants

Seahawks over Niners

My Record:  142-81

Happy Holidays everyone!

HOHOHO (this time it’s appropriate)