Month: January 2013

The D-League is Underutilized by The NBA

The NBA Developmental League is an interesting move by the NBA to create a minor league system for basketball. It was founded in 2001 as the official minor leagues of the NBA; over that time it has produced roughly 27% of the NBA’s current players. According to the official website, it is the fastest way ...

A Bankruptcy Auction Could End Up Deciding the Kings Fate

The twisted saga that is the Sacramento Kings has taken another turn. his time the turn would help keep the team in Sacramento or it could guarantee that Hansen and his group could end up owning, and relocating, the franchise. This time, the turn revolves around a 7% minority stake in the Kings ownership. When ...

The Mike Morse Trade; A Discussion Between West Coast Bias and Sports with Neil

West Coast Bias author Brett Miller (who is also the host of West Coast Bias on Air) and I both are not the biggest fan of the decision to trade John Jaso for Mike Morse. We got together and decided that we would have an email discussion about this trade. The following post is a result of that email ...


Recap of Garcia vs Salido & Burgos vs Martinez

Controversy and boxing go hand in hand and there was no shortage of controversy in the Roman “Rocky” Martinez (26-1-2 16KO) vs. Juan Carlos Burgos (30-1-1 20KO) bout. When the final bell rang, virtually everybody watching thought Burgos had done more than enough to win his first title from Martinez. Two judges would spoil everyone’s ...

The Return of The Sonics; Why The Kings Still Could Still Stay in Sacramento

The Maloof Brothers have entered into a binding agreement with Chris Hansen and his ownership group to sell the Kings. Since the Kings do not have a multi-year lease on Sleep Train Arena, it seems the Kings will be playing in Seattle for the 2013-2014 NBA Season. That is cause for celebration up Seattle, and ...


Major League Baseball Has Lost Two of Its Legends

Stan Musial was one of the greatest players, and human beings, ever to grace the game of baseball; on January 19th, he passed away at the age of 92. During his 22-year career, you couldn’t find a more consistent hitter. He was “The Man” that Cardinal fans depended on during clutch situations; he almost always delivered too. ...


Golovkin Pummels Rosado; Kovalev Blasts Campillo

   Last Saturday night featured a mix of accomplishment, disappointment, and question      marks in the sport of boxing. The light heavyweight division saw the rise of contender Sergey Kovalev (20-0-1  18KO) as he put himself in title shot discussion with an impressive 3rd round knockout  of former world champion Gabriel Campillo (21-5-1 8KO). ...


Conference Championship Sunday

After an extremely unpredictable 0-4 divisional round I have now fallen to 3-5 on the postseason.  Rest assured that there’s still time to get back in this thing, so let’s get back on the horse and make some picks.  Starting with the NFC Title Game. Niners versus Falcons (11-4-1) 49ers — (13-3-0) Falcons — Not ...


WSU Women’s Basketball; The Underclassmen Play, And Play A Lot.

When June Daugherty took over the women’s program at WSU, she inherited a mess. There was a lack of eligible players, the players who could play weren’t very good, and the lack of depth would rear its ugly head as the team was well on its way to a 5-25 season.  But there was hope, as Daugherty ...


Conference Play Has Begun For The Pac-12: The Early Surprises.

Pac 12 Standings SCHOOLS     CONFERENCE    OVERALL UCLA                5-0 (1.000)        15-3 (.833) Oregon             4-0 (1.000)        15-2 (.882) Washington    4-0 (1.000)        12-5 (.705) Arizona            3-1 (.750) ...


Newest Lawsuit to Halt the Seattle Arena Will Not Last Long In Court.

The latest objection to the SODO Arena deal is that it isn’t I-91 compliant. For those of you who don’t know, Initiative-91 requires that the City of Seattle must get a “fair return” even on any arena/stadium deal it enters. I-91 was created by Public Stadium Financing Critic Van Dyk’s group, Citizens for More Important Things. It should ...


Projecting the 2013 MLB Season; What Are Our Criteria?

The offseason is a time filled with hope for baseball fans. There are young teams on the verge of bursting onto the scene; then there are old teams on the verge of flopping and angering their fan bases. Another thing about the offseason is that it is generally a slow time for news. So what ...


Immediate Reaction; The Seahawks loss to The Falcons.

That ending of that game seemed almost fitting. After going down 20-0 in the first half the Seattle Seahawks clawed their way back into the game.  They actually took a one-point lead, with 31 seconds left on the clock. The Falcons were not going to go down easily though; after all, they have yet to ...


Half Time Thoughts And Recaps of The Seahawks at Falcons.u

Right before kick-off I flashed back to some of Rodgers games back in the Pac-12 I felt it was necessary to share the above tweet. Jacquizz proved me right as he frustrated the Seahawks defense in the first quarter. He wasn’t the only player to frustrate the Seahawks defense; Tony Gonzalez made a couple of beautiful ...

The Sacramento Kings Arena Saga

Once word broke that the Maloof brothers, owners of the Sacramento Kings, were negotiating a $500 million sale to Chris Hansen and his group, there was plenty of celebration in Seattle. This was also unbelievable bad news to those who had spent the last 27 seasons supporting the NBA’s version of a mobile home. That ...


NFC Playoff Picks

AFC ones should be up.  Here are the NFC picks. Packers versus Niners (11-5-0) Packers — (11-4-1) 49ers — This is kind of funny.  Going back a year ago a lot of people thought the Saints were going to absolutely destroy the Niners at home.  That’s the same mentality with the Packers.  Now while I ...


AFC Playoff Picks

Well the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs is underway and there are a lot of great match-ups that have been set.  Had I have known that Christian Ponder wasn’t starting against the Packers I’d have been 4-0 last week.  Anyways without further ado let’s begin. Ravens versus Broncos (10-6-0) Ravens — (13-3-0) Broncos — ...

A Timeline of the Kings (Probable) Decent Into Seattle

Editors Note: This is a timeline of the events that have led the Maloof brothers to negotiating with Chris Hansen’s Ownership Group. I was perusing a Sacramento Kings’s blog and decided to see if anyone was willing to write a post about the Kings under the Maloofs. Fortunately Nate Hughart (author at Evil Clowntown, Inc.) offered to ...


A Quick Review of the BCS Title Game and the Bowl Season

Howdy everyone.  This year I finished 21-14 in the bowl season, and so far I’m 3-1 in the playoffs for the NFL.  Also after playing Neil in the BCS Bowl games, I noticed that the team that won when we played lost in the real thing (except for Florida State in the Orange Bowl).  I ...


Neil and Arthur Play the BCS National Title Game

The final BCS Bowl is the National Title Game. This year that game is played at the site of the Orange Bowl; so Arthur (Notre Dame) and I (Alabama) played this game as the Orange Bowl in NCAA 2013. I honestly expected to dominate Arthur in this game. Last time we played evenly matched teams ...

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