AFC Wild Card Playoff Picks

Now here’s the AFC picks!

Bengals versus Texans





Well what do you know.  At this time last year the Bengals and Texans were also gearing up to play each other.  I expect for Houston to rough up Dalton the same way they did last time.  Both teams have gotten better, but the Texans have too much talent for Cincinnati to keep up.

My Pick:  Texans

Colts versus Ravens





This is a tough game for me to predict.  On the one hand you have a surging Colts team led by Andrew Luck, by far the most brilliant rookie quarterback ever.  You’d think Indy would win this thing in a blowout, but lo and behold Ray Lewis announces he will be retiring after this season.  As a result this will give the Ravens defense a huge boost.  How much of a boost is the real question though.  I’ll give Baltimore this one, but they will need more than an “unlucky” day to beat the other teams in the AFC.

My Pick:  Ravens

Thanks for taking a look, expect more to come once the divisional round comes.  I will also post a National Championship game post on Sunday.


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