NFC Wild Card Playoff Picks!

Well well well, it’s playoff time and in this second season every game counts.  Lose once and you’re out.  The New York Giants last year, and the Green Bay Packers the year before won the last two Super Bowls and they started out in this round so there’s a good chance there might be a winner here.  Anyways without further ado let’s begin.

Vikings versus Packers





These two teams split the series 1-1.  Adrian Peterson has gone off against the Packers, and Aaron Rodgers has done likewise against the Vikings.  Expect this to be a close game, but in all honesty one should never bet against Adrian Peterson considering the way he has been playing this season.

My Pick:  Vikings

Seahawks versus Redskins





These teams are hot.  It’s unfortunate that one has to go since both have stellar rookie quarterbacks that have held their own against the lions of this conference.  Expect there to be a lot of emotion at FedEx Field, but I think that Russell Wilson will put together a couple drives to put this game away.  Also have you seen the Seahawks defense, EEK!

My Pick:  Seahawks

My Record:  166-89

My Super Bowl Picks for the playoffs are the Seahawks and Broncos, let’s make it so!




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