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Neil and Arthur Play the BCS National Title Game

The final BCS Bowl is the National Title Game. This year that game is played at the site of the Orange Bowl; so Arthur (Notre Dame) and I (Alabama) played this game as the Orange Bowl in NCAA 2013. I honestly expected to dominate Arthur in this game. Last time we played evenly matched teams I dominated him. Unfortunately that was not the case; so let’s get to the recap.

It was a scoreless first quarter that would be pretty indicative of the entire game. Alabama drove both times they had possession of the football but a crucial sack on third down (the first drive) and second down (the second drive) forced a punt and then a failed fourth down conversion. As for Notre Dame, Ever Golson had all the time in the world to connect on a couple of crucial third down connections as Alabama’s vaunted front seven could not get pressure on him. One of those third down conversions put Notre Dame in the red zone as the quarter wound down.

Shortly after the second quarter began Theo Reddick, who came in for the injured Cierre Wood, scored the game’s first touchdown. Alabama would respond by going three and out, their only punt of the ball game. That gave Notre Dame plenty of time to march down the field again, and again Wood found himself marching into the end zone as Alabama’s D-Line and linebackers could not shed their blocks. The second half would end with Alabama’s only score of the ball game, a 20 yard toss from AJ McCarron to WR #15 (I think Nick Williams?!?!); the two-point conversion was good.

The third quarter was the Theo Reddick show as he just out right dominated the Alabama front seven. If there was a blitz through the middle he would dance around the guards and get into the open field. Whenever I brought a corner back blitz Reddick would just bust through the linebackers; man coverage lead to even worse results. It was a defensive s*it show for the Crimson Tide and no matter what type of play/blitz was called the Tide’s front seven were unable to penetrate the Fighting Irish’s Offensive Line.

Rinse-lather-and-repeat for the fourth quarter.

Alabama Crimson Tide 8-Notre Dame Fighting Irish 45

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