AFC Playoff Picks

Well the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs is underway and there are a lot of great match-ups that have been set.  Had I have known that Christian Ponder wasn’t starting against the Packers I’d have been 4-0 last week.  Anyways without further ado let’s begin.

Ravens versus Broncos





This could be interesting.  The Ravens got a strong victory against the Colts, and maybe they’ve captured some momentum going into this round.  It could go either way, but the Ravens only win this if it’s a close game.  The Broncos haven’t lost since Week 5 and they’ve got by far the longest and most consistent hot streak in all of football.  That continues today.

My Pick:  Broncos

Texans versus Patriots





If it wasn’t for that loss in December everyone would be talking about how the Texans are the best team in the AFC.  Sadly New England quieted that talk rather fast.  The game should be a lot closer this time.  Look for the Texans to run it early and try to contain Tom Brady’s pass-happy offense.  It’ll be tough but I think they can do it.

My Pick:  Texans

My Postseason record:  3-1

Let’s make it 7-1



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