Half Time Thoughts And Recaps of The Seahawks at Falcons.u

Right before kick-off I flashed back to some of Rodgers games back in the Pac-12 I felt it was necessary to share the above tweet. Jacquizz proved me right as he frustrated the Seahawks defense in the first quarter. He wasn’t the only player to frustrate the Seahawks defense; Tony Gonzalez made a couple of beautiful catches, including the only Touchdown of the game so far.

The first quarter concluded with this;

The start of the second quarter saw the Falcons pick up were they left off. Here is a look at why;

Fortunately the Hawks held the Falcons on third down. The Falcons kicked a field goal to go up; 13-0.  You couldn’t help but get the feeling that was a huge stop for the Hawks. Leon Washington, standing only a few feet from the end line in the endzone, returned the ball to the 30 yard line, giving the Hawks good feel position. Zach Miller again made a clutch reception.

Lynch got stood up on a third and one; making it fourth down in the red zone. The Hawks  got stuffed on their fourth down conversion attempt. Atlanta gets the ball deep in their own territory; their offense is completely on fire.

Ryan found Roddy White for a huge touchdown pass. Finally Ryan’s constant picking on Richard Sherm pays off. Falcons 20-Seahawks 0

The Seahawks get the ball with 4:16 left in the ball game and in desperate need of a score.  Tate turns a wide receiver screen into a Hawks first down; at least they are moving the rock down field. Wilson continues to show off his legs with an impressive scramble for a first down, the clock hit the two-minute warning before Wilson could get the snap off.

Might not be a bad idea, get on it Pete.

The Hawks again are driving as Wilson connects with Sydney Rice on a first down…A field goal would be nice but a TD would be better. Zach Miller makes a nine-yard catch, the Seahawks are again in the red zone. Wilson connects with Golden Tate to get a first down. Seattle takes their final time out.

Excellent coverage by the Falcons breaks up the first pass into the end zone, the pass was intended for Sydney Rice. Wilson over throws Tate on the fade, no flag because the pass was not catch-able. Third down, and the Seahawks need to score…or let Wilson get sacked. The Hawks were unable to get the snap off before time expired and the game goes to the half with the Falcons; the use of that final timeout earlier now looks more foolish.


Felix Hernandez ladies and gentlemen



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