Projecting the 2013 MLB Season; What Are Our Criteria?

The offseason is a time filled with hope for baseball fans. There are young teams on the verge of bursting onto the scene; then there are old teams on the verge of flopping and angering their fan bases. Another thing about the offseason is that it is generally a slow time for news. So what does that mean? Well that means that the offseason is the perfect time for several things, such as rosterbation (predicting who is going to end up on what team’s rosters); putting coaches/general managers on the hot seat; and trying to figure out how teams are going to do in the upcoming season.

Now all two of the three (rosterbation and the hot seat) should be left to the blogs covering specific teams. That leaves us with projecting how teams are going to do. As you probably have guessed, projecting how Major League Baseball teams are going to do in the upcoming season. It is not going to be very easy.

That being said, it won’t stop us from attempting it. Though out the next several months be on the lookout for Victor and me to be doing exactly that. We will be taking a look at the teams that we expect to flop, stay stagnant, and excel just throughout the 2013 season.  Now let’s be clear on some of the criteria Victor and I will be judging these teams on;

  • The expectations for this upcoming season; are they expected to reach the playoffs? Are they expected to have a winning season?
  • Offseason movement; who did these teams lose? Who did they get? Who did they keep?
  • An analysis of their statistics from last season; was there several individual career years on that team’s roster? Did they address areas of concern through offseason movement? Will key players continue to perform based on their career averages?

Here is a good break down of the stats we are going to be using.

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