Peterson Pummels Holt; Thompson Shocks Price

lamont-peterson-2013-02-23-4_3_r536_c534This weekend in boxing featured plenty of excellent bouts as we witnessed upsets and redemption.

On Friday, IBF junior welterweight (140 Ibs.) titleholder Lamont Peterson (31-1-1 16KO) defended his belt with an 8th round TKO over aging Kendall Holt (28-6 16KO). This was Peterson’s first bout since his decision victory over Amir Khan in December 2011 and subsequent failure of a VADA drug test that tested him positive for synthetic testosterone.

The fight started off on even terms in the first three rounds. Peterson seemed unsure what he wanted to do as he circled the ring, came forward and took some good shots from Holt.

As round four started, Peterson began to take control by landing solid right hands and left hooks. An overhand right hurt Holt and put him down. He rose but was clearly hurt and barely survived to the end of the round.

Peterson continued to put immense pressure on Holt by attacking him with vicious hooks to the head and body. Holt just tried to survive by holding on and occasionally fighting back.

In the sixth round, Holt went down for the second time after a left hook to the body from the relentless titleholder. Holt never truly recovered from this knockdown.

Peterson finished the job in the eighth round when he unleashed a volley of punches on Holt while he was against the ropes, forcing the referee to stop the bout.

This win is a good step towards rebuilding Peterson’s reputation following the synthetic testosterone controversy. Although he seemed unsure and rough at first, he managed to pull it together and figured out how to beat Holt.

Holt’s career may be coming to an end. Although he looked good early, he seemed to fall apart as soon as Peterson stepped it up and he couldn’t handle the technique and skills of the titlist. Holt mentioned retirement in a post-fight interview so this may be his last fight.


price28On Saturday, David Price’s (15-1 13KO) rise to the top of the heavyweight rankings was shot down by a shocking upset at the hands of Tony Thompson (37-3 25KO) in two rounds in front of Price’s fans.

The fight started off tentatively but Price won it with more activity, which wasn’t that much anyway. Suddenly in the second round, Thompson landed what appeared to be a weak right hook on the temple of Price. The Englishman immediately collapsed to the canvas. He rose on noodles for legs and the referee called a halt to the bout.

Thompson has more or less earned another payday with one of the Klitschko brothers. As for Price, some rebuilding obviously needs to be done. He has already vowed that this defeat would not discourage him, so it’ll be interesting to see if Price can come back from this setback and regain the luster and respect he’s lost.

Only time will tell though.

The HOHOHOrrible Moment of the Week

If you’re a Seahawks fan you probably saw the twitter war that went on between corner Richard Sherman and Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.  A variety of barbs were exchanged between the two and lo and behold a firefight ensued.  Here’s a quick little comeback from Sherman.

The main thing that dissapoints me isn’t the fight itself, it was the way that Revis reacted to those tweets.  A lot of experts have pegged Revis as the best corner in the league and most of the time he’s been a pretty nice down-to-earth humble guy.  He didn’t talk trash, and he didn’t throw any of his teammates under the bus.  This of course changed when he started calling out Sherman.  I love Revis but he really screwed up here.

Depending on what happens to these two teams, next season will likely determine who takes the mantle of best corner in the league.  A super bowl ring would all but silence this debate.  

Also making the playoffs would help too, that is of course if Revis is still a Jet after this off-season 😉


Broner Looks Human Against Rees But Still Dominates

BronerAdrien “The Problem” Broner (26-0 22KO) kept himself busy and put on a show against determined but flawed Gavin Rees (37-2-1 19KO) by knockout in the fifth round to retain the WBC lightweight title.

However, Rees did well enough in the first two rounds to land punches that we’re not accustomed to seeing Broner getting hit with. Left hooks to the body and overhand rights to the head were what Rees focused on landing. Broner took these shots well though due to the average power of Rees.

Whether this was due to Broner not taking his opponent seriously or Rees finding a hole in Broner’s defense is unclear but what is certain is Broner is going to need to be more defensively responsible against the bigger punchers of the lightweight and junior welterweight divisions.

After the second round, Broner seemed to step up his game as he began to use distance to control Rees and back him into the ropes.

In the fourth round, Broner landed a great right uppercut that put Rees on his back. Stunned and clearly wobbled, Rees managed to survive to the end of the round. Rees made the fifth exciting by staying competitive but Broner took his time and landed a razor-like left hook to the body. Rees immediately took a knee.

With his opponent clearly hurt, Broner went for the kill and Rees’ corner threw in the towel to end the fight. After the fight, Broner stated that he would like Ricky Burns to win his bout against Miguel Vazquez so they can fight. He also expressed a desire to simply stay at lightweight and control the division.

Rees expressed disappointment in his performance, citing some mistakes he made and being too aggressive in the third round. Due to his stronger than expected performance, he hopes to get another bout televised on HBO and to eventually get another title shot.

The HOHOHOrrible moment of the week!


Well at least the Cougs are consistent. 

If you’re a student or alumni of Washington State University than you probably saw the debacle that took place toward the end of #23 Oregon’s 79-77 overtime victory over WSU.  

Picture this, Royce Woolridge makes a three-point shot to tie the score at 77 and potentially send it to double-overtime giving your team a chance for a potential victory.  Then all of a sudden Dexter Kernich-Drew (whose name I only know because of the foul) forgets he’s a basketball player and fouls one of the Duck players.  Oregon’s E.J. Singler makes both free throws, and the Cougs barely have enough time to try to make a rebuttel shot to end the game.

Seriously, what the hell!

Do you not want to win basketball games?!  Do you want people to continue to think that we will Coug it in the second half?!  For crying out loud the Cougs had an 11 point half-time lead over the Ducks.  This is almost (though thankfully not quite) as bad as the football loss the Cougs suffered to Colorado during this football season.

Now granted one mistake shouldn’t derail a program and result in the hiring and firing of particular individuals, but that’s what has seemed to happen to the Cougs as of late.  Losses to Oregon State, USC, Arizona State, as well as other schools have been brought on by really poor play towards the end of the second half.  That does not make an NCAA tournament team.

This foul will definitely live in infamy.  It depends on how long though.  The Cougs hung with the best team in the Pac-12 and they just couldn’t close the deal.

Maybe the Men’s team could learn something from their women.  They have more Pac-12 wins (their record is 5-8) and are sixth in the conference.

The Men’s team is last!


The HOHOHOrrible Moment of the Week

Welcome to the inaugural post for my column.  The HOHOHOrrible moment of the week goes to hockey reporter John Giannone for getting hit by a hockey puck during Thursday’s match between the New York Islanders and New York Rangers.  Picture this, you’re taking notes on who has the puck, analyzing who’s going to get the next goal, when WHAM!  A black disc like object smacks right into you without a moment to think about it.  I know hockey fans can be brutal, but this is ridiculous.  You’re almost safer on the ice.  Well, Ranger Mark Staal apologized so all is well.  You are a trooper Mr. Giannone.

That concludes this week’s work.  You can see the hit here

I may do a HOHOHOrrible hall of fame.  Depends on how many moments I can come up with.  

That was HOHOHORRIBLE.  Tune in next week for more embarassing moments.  Let me know how you like them.