Super Bowl 47 Preview

Well hohoho it’s the Super Bowl.  The Ravens and Niners have braved the gauntlet of challenges that befell their teams and have successfully made it to New Orleans.  Here is my verdict.

Super Bowl XLVII:  Ravens versus Niners





This game could go either way.  On one side you have a dual-threat quarterback in Colin Kaepernick as well as a punishing running back in Frank Gore, and a top-notch defense to boot.  The Ravens have their own punishing defense too, but surprisingly their offense has stepped up this season too.  Quarterback Joe Flacco has made quite a few clutch plays in the playoffs this season, and running back Ray Rice has been jelling nicely.  The Niners are favored by 4 points, but that doesn’t mean Baltimore can’t stop them.  If you remember correctly Denver and New England were also favored and they wound up losing.

Let’s also look at the emotion around this game,  Ray Lewis’s “last ride” has propelled this team to the promised land.  There are going to be plenty of explosive plays, but I think the Ravens will play with a little more energy due to Ray Lewis’s impending retirement.  It may take Overtime, but that will be the difference.

My Pick:  Ravens

Besides we don’t want the Niners to win it don’t we Seahawks fans.


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