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Is this Ken Bone’s Last Stand?

As someone who just recently became a Cougar fan I have definitely experienced a lot of lows.  I came to Washington State in 2009 and at that time Paul Wulff was the head football coach.  Thank goodness that administration got the boot, and now thanks to Leach the Cougars have the 39th best recruiting class in the nation.

In 2009 Ken Bone was in his first year as head basketball coach here at WSU.  Obviously he’s a better coach than Wulff, but do we need new blood?  Looking at the 2010-2011 Cougar team that featured star forward Klay Thompson (now with the Golden State Warriors), as well as Reggie Moore, DeAngelo Casto, and Marcus Capers makes me wonder how our talent level dropped off so fast.


Now to be fair I will admit that I didn’t expect Klay Thompson to leave after that terrible game against Wichita State in the NIT Semifinals that year, but Bone could have recruited harder to find that next superstar.  I’m not saying the Cougs are untalented, it’s just that the playmakers on our team don’t know how to win.  Players like D.J. Shelton, Royce Woolridge, Brock Motum, and Devonte Lacy need to find that killer instinct that would make a team like this unbeatable.  Mike Leach has already brought it to Cougar football, what about bringing in something new for basketball?

Bone isn’t finished quite yet, the Cougs can still go on a run, and I think he should get an extra year after this one to try and work things out.  Last year Colorado went on a run in the Pac-12 tournament and was the conference’s lone representative in the NCAA Tournament.  You just never know sometimes.

I’m just disappointed because I was in the stands in the basketball game against Gonzaga and we had them on the ropes.  We were this close to giving them the dagger and they just slipped away.  There’s been several frustrating games that have made me wonder if this team is even trying to play for a tournament spot.

Right now the Cougs are 11-11 overall and 2-7 in Pac-12 play.  They should win the game tonight against USC, and a win against UCLA on Saturday isn’t expected but it would be great for momentum.  Every little bit helps.

I hope Ken Bone reads this because if he doesn’t get something going soon he may be getting his pink slip.


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  1. Wow okays, well the first thing in Bone’s favor is his $2.5 million buyout. Another thing is that this team is a few bounces calls there way from having 15 to 16 wins. Also this team is probably a lot better if Reggie Moore doesn’t get himself booted from the team; his ability to drive dish the ball OR become a dynamic scoring threat was able to take a lot of pressure off of Klay and Brock.

    Next year is going to be Bone’s show me year; you have Que Johnson (if he keeps his grades up) becomes eligible, you have a couple of four stars (who have 4.0s) who come to campus next season, Shelton’s a sophomore, and Lacy’s a junior. Next year looks to be the first year there isn’t a truly dominant scorer isn’t on the roster. In other words, the offense might actually function.

    There was a pretty good discussion on CougCenter about this.